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Eco-Friendly Hair Brush: The Best Sustainable Hair Brush Options

Oct.11.2021 39 view review
Eco-Friendly Hair Brush

With a global focus on creating a more environmentally friendly and sustainable future, there have been many shifts and changes in the products and types of products we are choosing to use. As we have begun to recognize what ingredients and elements are creating a negative impact on our planet, innovative creators have used newly discovered plant-based ingredients to make daily used items.

Environmentally friendly hair products are the latest and greatest of this market and have caused a stir of excitement within the vegan community.

A natural, eco-friendly and even biodegradable hairbrush is like a dream come true and a great step in the right direction for our planet Earth.

A Vegan Hair Brush

When we think of a hairbrush our brains don’t automatically go towards polluting our environment. However, this is most definitely the case when it comes to the traditional plastic-based hairbrushes we are used to seeing in our stores. The solution, a plastic-free hair brush that is not only good for the environment but for your hair. When choosing to follow a vegan diet and lifestyle one automatically avoids animal products or items made in unethical and cruel manners. While this is most prominently seen in food choices there are many other widely used items that are often looked past.

The humble hairbrush is a great example of this and for many, they wouldn’t think twice about the processes that happened in order to create the end result. So for all those animal lovers and ethical believers, the rise of the eco-friendly hairbrush just be exactly what you need to free your guilty conscience.

The Best Natural Hair Brush

When it comes to creating a sustainable hairbrush that is made with only plant-based ingredients, it can become overwhelming to choose from the variety of options available. And while we are grateful to have an ample amount to choose from, we also want to do what’s best for the quality of our hair. The best eco-friendly hairbrush brands and products include :

Bfwood Hair Brush

Bfwood Hair Brush

One of the best cruelty-free hairbrush brands includes Bfwood who has produced a bamboo paddle brush. This is a vegan bristle brush that uses bamboo bristles to easily and comfortably detangle your hair. The size of the brush is suitable for all types of hair including, thick, thin, straight, and curly. It is also affordable and long-lasting too.

Nippo – Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Nippo - Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Another great natural fiber hair brush is the Nippo’s Wooden Paddle Hair Brush. It is a very gentle type of brush that is great for sensitive sculps. It is made from 100 percent bamboo and has rounded bristles perfect for detangling. It is all a great travel-friendly option due to its miniature size and weight. It is suitable for all hair types and actively massages the scalp, helping to boost hair growth and increase moisture.

Ecotools Hair Brush

Ecotools Hair Brush

Ecotools is a very vegan-friendly brand in itself and encompasses all the morals and ethics we are looking for. Their handmade hairbrushes are uniquely designed for comfort, quality, and effectiveness. This brush in particular is very strong and is highly capable of detangling even very curly and knotted hair. The brush itself is also very lightweight and will not cause any breakage or damage to finer hair types. To make this sustainable brush the company uses a mixture of renewable bamboo and recycled aluminum.

Redecker Hair Brush

Redecker Hair Brush

Redeckers’ very own hairbrush is one of the best performings in the vegan and sustainable industry. Their wooden hairbrushes are made for daily use and handcrafted using a specific natural beechwood which is virtually damage-proof. The bristles of this brush are made by using natural Tampico fiber which is great for brushing and detangling hair and can also withstand the heat of blow dryers and hair tools. The clever design allows you to easily clean the eco wet brush for a clean fresh feeling.

PureGLO – Natural Wooden Hair Brush

PureGLO - Natural Wooden Hair Brush

PureGLO has released its own zero-waste hairbrush that is beautifully crafted from green sandalwood. The entire desire and look of the product is elegant and special and screams to save the environment. They handcraft each one, so all are slightly different from one another. They pride themselves on using the purest and highest quality ingredients and fair trade processes in an attempt to do what they can for the future of our environment.

Panda Stuff – Natural Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Panda Stuff - Natural Wooden Paddle Hair Brush

Panda Stuff’s compostable hairbrush is sustainably designed using bamboo. It is both one hundred percent recyclable and compostable meaning that it has little to no impact on the environment and can actually improve the quality of our soil. Each bristle is softly rounded creating a smooth and comfortable feeling when brushing through even the thickness of knots. It is very gentle and great for people with sensitive sculps and the kiddies of course. Every element of this brush is eco-friendly, from the bristles to the packaging, and everything in between you simply cannot go wrong.

Bass Brushes – Bamboo Handle Hair Brush

Bass Brushes - Bamboo Handle Hair Brush

Bass Brushes has its own unique take on a wet brush biodegradable, sustainable and recyclable. This brush, in particular, is relatively small in size and the perfect brush to take on the go or when traveling. It is also lightweight and quick and efficient at creating smooth unknotted hair. The vegan community as a whole has expressed a lot of love for this brush and the company as a whole due to their ethics and morals and interesting design outcomes.

Are Wooden Combs Good For Your Hair?

Apart from using hairbrushes, there are many other hair tools that we may choose to use along with it or in replacement of it. One of the most significant is the wooden hair comb, which is essentially a sustainable version of a traditional comb. Even though we are all aiming to be more environmentally friendly with the products and items we are using, we ultimately do not want to destroy or damage our hair as a result.

An eco-friendly comb just like a sustainable hairbrush is a product that is made using plant-based ingredients that are fully vegan, cruelty-free, and non-polluting as a replacement to traditional plastic products. Luckily there are many options to choose from which will use sustainable ingredients such as bamboo, Tampico fibers, and recycled materials and metals. Many of the brands and companies we have already discussed produce their own lines of sustainable and environmentally friendly combs as well as hairbrushes and other hair-related products.

Supporting brands and companies such as these can help to decrease the overall demand for fast production products and increase the demand for independent renewable products instead.

As you can see there are countless options when it comes to replacing your traditional hair brushes and hair combs with more sustainable, vegan, and environmentally friendly alternatives. Now that you know where to find the best sustainable hair products you can make your new hairbrush venture a little easier. At the end of the day, you never have to compromise quality or your ethics and morals when there are so many beautifully designed vegan hair brushes out there.

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