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Eco-Friendly Plastic

Jan.15.2021 311 view review
eco friendly alternatives to plastic

Sustainable Plastic

As we are moving into a time where saving the planet is the main goal, our plastic consumption and waste have to be reduced and with many companies taking innovative approaches to create new types of environmentally friendly plastic we are beginning to see the effects these eco plastic ideas are having on our environment. Having sustainable plastic sources means that we are creating firstly less waste product and secondly less pollution and harmful results towards our environment, marine life, and overall global warming and climate change. Plastic has been one of the biggest contributors to pollution thus far and as a result has created in some cases severe, damaging, and extraordinarily harsh effects. We have already witnessed many of these changes in basic plastic products, number one being plastic straws which have now been replaced and banned in many countries and cities around the world.

What Are Bioplastics Made Of?

So exactly how are bioplastics made? bioplastics are an eco-friendly, sustainable and biodegradable version of what we all know to be plastic, the goal of creating bioplastics is to create a similar version with the same abilities as regular plastic but by simply using ingredients that come directly from nature and thus much more environmentally friendly and safe for our planet and the foreseeable future of our planet. Bioplastics are made by converting the sugars found in plants into the plastic. Different countries tend to use produce that is most available to them, for example, sugar cane, sugar beets, corn, wheat, and even potatoes. Currently, there are two different types of bioplastic that are being produced and sold in large quantities, these are polylactide and polyhydroxyalkanoate, which in turn create a renewable source of plastic and uses processes and ingredients that are much less harmful to our environment.

What Makes Biodegradable Plastics Special?

new biodegradable plastic

Eco-friendly alternatives to plastic have many advantages and have created a turning point for many parts of the world in terms of how they few climate change and pollution as well as the effects caused by human waste and overuse of products that are not environmentally friendly. bioplastics are special because of their ability to biodegrade, unlike actual plastic which is extremely hard to get rid of, bioplastics give light to an alternative source of material that can allow us to continue using the products in the same way we do but with much less negative impact on the environment. Bioplastics actually decay in natural materials and feedback into the soil without harming it at all. The addition of bioplastics also helps us to lessen our greenhouse gas emissions and lower our carbon footprint too. It is also a product that is simple to which to and easy to maintain, meaning the global population can make a small and simple change but create great results.

Environmentally Friendly Plastic Bags

advantages of biodegradable plastics

One of our biggest plastic uses comes from plastic bags, whether we gather them from grocery stores, retail markets and or rubbish bags, they all tend to land up in the same place, which is into our landfills and oceans. The addition of environmentally friendly plastic bags means that they can be used and thrown away but instead of harming our environment, they will actually biodegrade back into the earth over time. This kind of effect has a great impact on the state of the environment especially over a long period of time, meaning our future and the future of our planet. Currently, there are a large number of various brands and companies that have come out with their own lines of eco-friendly plastic bags which are now being sold more commonly than ever as the aim to push the public into a more sustainable world increases. Grocery stores especially buy and sell thousands of plastic bags each day and simply switching to an environmentally friendly version of the same product could create a dramatic positive effect on the state of our environment as it sits currently.

Eco-Friendly Plastics Bottles

eco friendly plastic bottles

Plastic bottles are yet another source of one-time-use plastic that is often disposed of in the garbage and heads directly for our oceans, where it kills thousands of marine life each week. Eco-friendly plastic bottles are relatively a new biodegradable plastic source that aims to take over the plastic water bottle market. As most of you already know we have introduced the idea of using reusable water bottles as a more eco-friendly alternative but all-around ditching plastic bottles that soft drinks are purchased in is relatively new to the transformative eco-friendly plastic market. However, this is a great idea that will dramatically reduce our one-time use of plastic and its effects on our environment. Some companies have already produced or started the process of producing eco-friendly plastic bottles. Plastic bottles normally take up to 500 years to leave the planet and are extremely difficult to recycle too, however, a start-up company in London hs taken over with a new innovative project which aims to make a transparent and completely biodegradable plastic which would be a perfect substitution for our current plastic bottles we see and use every day.

As you can see eco-friendly plastic is beginning to take over and I couldn’t have come at a better time than now, we each need to make small changes in order to create a big difference in our environment and the world in general.

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