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Eco underwear: Let’s get started

Sep.10.2020 637 view review
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Talking about such part of women’s wardrobe as underwear, one cannot fail to mention its importance. It would seem that no one sees him. Then what difference does it make what is hidden under the clothes.

Even in everyday life, underwear has a huge impact on the psychological state of a woman and her appearance. First of all, in comfortable and beautiful underwear especially when this all is organic cotton intimates each representative of the beautiful half of humanity feels much more confident and comfortable. And secondly, even the most sophisticated outfit will not look good if unsuccessful underwear is worn under it.

Especially when we are talking about organic cotton underwear.

Modern fashion is so democratic that it is impossible to pinpoint the most relevant types of lingerie. Absolutely everything is allowed, as long as the kit is correctly selected. On the one hand, it makes life easier, and on the other, it complicates it. Indeed, over the past few centuries, mankind has come up with so many models, styles and even organic underwear that it is quite difficult to understand them.

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And yet, lets check what we have in eco friendly lingerie


In the modern market we have so many kinds bras, staring with shape, colors, materials from synthetic to organic bras.

Eco friendly bras are very popular nowadays. These amazing sustainable bras made from high quality cotton and are unbelievable soft and pleasant for our body.

Choosing ethical bras based on the size of the chest and the shape of the clothes under which it will be wearing. It is especially important to correctly determine the size of the bra cup so that the model supports the breast well, hiding the flaws and emphasizing the advantages.

Full cup bras

The cups of this bra completely cover the breasts. It is as comfortable to wear as possible and provides good support. Suitable for all breasts. And there its very sustainable underwear.

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Angelica – this model is almost always based on a horizontal strip, the cups are very open, the straps are located at the extreme points of the cup and most often come unfastened. This model is very popular among women, as lifting the chest from below, significantly opens the upper part, allowing it to be worn with low-cut clothing. Suitable for medium sized breasts. Bras of the “Angelica” type include balconette, korbey and brasier models.


Its an open bra, where the top of the cup is practically absent. Usually, you can wear most often under low-necked evening dresses and supports the chest from below, making it taller and more lush. Very ethical underwear you can wear all day.


It is another model that is suitable for lovers of a deep neckline. There is an upper part of the calyx here, but it is very narrow.


This model that “collects” the chest and slightly pushes it forward. In such underwear, the bust seems fuller and larger. Can be worn with any garment and fits all sizes except perhaps the largest. At the bottom of the bra, as a rule, there is a pocket for pads. Sometimes there are sewn-in non-removable overlays. Its one of the most popular bras which is organic womens underwear that suitable for you.

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Sport style

During sports, it is important to securely fix the chest and protect it from damage. This is what sports bras are designed for. Made from eco friendly underwear elastic antibacterial fabrics, they do not contain frames or rigid parts that can damage the mammary gland. Such linen perfectly wicks moisture and allows air to pass through. Most often made using seamless technology.

“Second skin” bras

It is a bra with a soft cup, made of translucent fabric and its one of the best organic cotton underwear, most often flesh-colored, well-fitting to the chest and you almost barely see them under clothes. It is perfect for girls who do not need breast shape correction.


This underwear made mostly from eco friendly panties women. Popular brands can suggest not only sexy lingerie but also every day best organic underwear you can feel like you even don’t have any underwear.


This is classic model. Perfect for all days in a week. They are completely closed, and is high enough, and the elastic band can be located both on the waist and on the hips and perfect organic cotton underwear women’s.

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They look like slip panties, but the side bar of this model is very narrow, elastic or a narrow strip of organic cotton women’s underwear.

Classic shorts

The panties with a mid-rise, the front and side parts of which are of the same length. Great women’s organic cotton underwear for daily use.

Thong shorts

This is a kind of mix of shorts and thongs. In such underwear, the buttocks remain open, and the side bar is wide enough. This model has gained particular popularity in recent years.

Hipster – low rise panties-shorts. This kind of panties mostly made of organic cotton underwear womens.

Boxers – panties with a maxi fit. Its like small sports shorts. Can be decorated with lace trim.

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The most popular sustainable underwear brands

  • “People Tree” – Great Britain and Japan
  • “Patagonia” – USA
  • “Ciel” – Great Britain
  • “Deborah Lindquist Eco Fashion Brand” – USA
  • “Mark Liu” – Australia- UK
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