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The Best Natural Bug Repellents on the Market: What Natural Bug Repellent You May Find in Your Store

May.17.2021 251 view review
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Having to kill or harm any bugs is never something fun, however, in some cases, they simply need to be removed. The typical non-natural bug repellents we see in stores today contain extremely harmful chemicals and toxins that are not only life-threatening for the bugs being sprayed but also for the humans that possibly inhale these toxins throughout this process. Non-toxic bug spray is a more natural alternative that does the same thing as any regular bug spray but is environmentally friendly and poses little to no threat to humans and the environment.

Lucky for us there are many safe bug repellents now available on the market in an attempt to create a more sustainable and environmentally friendly world in order to preserve, conserve and protect the plant that we have. As we have all come to a lot more conscious of the environment around us and how easy it is for us to destroy it we have had to adapt by chasing the products we use and our behaviors t avoid harming ourselves and what surrounds us. In this article, we will be looking at the numerous eco-friendly bug repellent products one can use in exchange for the chemically based versions.

Natural Bug Repellent Alternatives

In order to stay away from harmful, chemically packed bug sprays we need to replace them with a natural insect repellent alternative, that at the end of the day does the exact same thing but poses a much lower threat to our health and the environment.

Lucky for us a lot of research has already gone into finding these alternative bug repellent options which include everything from herbs, to organic products, biodegradable options, and even direct plant sources themselves. With a goal to no longer kill the bugs but rather to stop them from entering we need to learn what they do not like and what would repel them from entering our gardens and our homes.

What Is a Natural Bug Repellent?

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Natural bug repellents use ethically and organically plant sources in order to create a product or spray with an aim of repelling insects or bugs away from any desired area. Many non-chemical bug repellent products available to us have been found to have flaws in their ability to actually work for the desired result, however, with all the research that has been done into further investigating which plant materials actually work, it has been found that the oil of lemon eucalyptus, a plant commonly known for it being Kuala bears the main source of food has been found to work extremely well and it is the main ingredient found in the top-rated plant-based and eco-friendly insects repellents.

Organic Insect Repellent

Many brands have already jumped on the bandwagon of creating their own herbal insect repellent, however, one needs to make sure to read the ingredient lists if they are looking to obtain a truly organic product. If you see ingredients such as lemon eucalyptus oil, citronella, and rosemary extract then this product is 100 percent natural, however, if complex ingredients such as chemical compounds or something known as DEET, then it’s best to look further to avoid. As well as purchasing the readily available eco-friendly bug sprays you can also easily make your own homemade version using a small amount of simple and natural ingredients

Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent

We have now heard a lot about the humble lemon eucalyptus repellent, but what actually is it and does eucalyptus repel bugs? Lemon eucalyptus has been the most successful natural ingredient found to have a long-lasting effect against bugs, especially the most annoying of all being mosquitos. The oil of lemon eucalyptus is also known as PMD or OLE which is also highly recommended due to the fact that it causes no irritation to even the most sensitive of skins and because of the fact that it is 100 percent natural it does pose any threat to the environment or contribute to global warming and climate change in the slightest.

This repel plant-based lemon eucalyptus is proven to be effective by many well-known homeopaths but is not a readily available product and only a small amount is actually known about the product at all. So does eucalyptus repel mosquitoes? Yes, lemon eucalyptus oil-based products have been proven to be effective against mosquitoes, and some of the products that you can buy online include :

  1. Repel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent
  2. Natrapel Lemon Eucalyptus Insect Repellent aerosol
  3. Cutter Lemon Eucalyptus insect Repellent
  4. Coleman Deet-Free oil of Lemon Eucalyptus Insect repellent

Environmentally Friendly Bug Spray

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Apart from the effective repel lemon eucalyptus, there are many other environmentally friendly biodegradable bug spray products that are available to us. Some of the most well known and commonly used biodegradable insect repellent products include:


Picaridin is actually a chemical that is made and synthesized in a laboratory, which aims to exactly mimic an effective repellent found in plants. The thing with Picaridin is that it only really works in the form of a spray as in this way it is able to be distributed for miles from the original spray point. For Picaridin products to work they need to contain at least 20 percent Picaridin in order to effectively repel insects and bugs from the desired location. Some Picardin bug repellents you could purchase include :

  • Sawyer Premium Insect repellent
  • Natrapel tick & Insect repellent aerosol


Another homeopathic mosquito repellent alternative you may want to invest in is botanical repellents. Botanicals include a multitude of plant-based chemicals including lemongrass, citronella, peppermint, geraniol, soybean, and even rosemary.

These ingredients are most commonly found in the variation of their oils which are the most potent and effective part of the herbs and plants. These products are great as even though they are effective in repelling bugs they also cause no threat or harm to the person or persons using them.

The Conclusion bout Eco-Friendly Insects Repellents

At the end of the day, while environmentally friendly and plant-based insect repellents are considered to be effective, more natural, and less harmful to both humans and the environment, there are some risks that are currently associated with using them and that is because they have not necessarily been approved by the EPA.

However, in most cases, their effects will be better than any harsh and toxic bug spray that is harmful in many ways. At the end of the day you need to choose what works for you, but the next time you’re picking up a bug spray why not opt for the environmentally friendly version ad give it a shot!

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