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Did you ever think a browser could be saving the environment and planting trees as we use it? Can you imagine an eco-friendly version of the internet and electricity? Fear, not this eco search engine is known as Ecosia is doing just that and you need to know how and why! in this article, we will be having an extensive look at this famous browser that plants trees. This Ecosia search engine review will test all its abilities, see how it works and if it is really worth switching from your current search engine to help the environment by planting trees.


So what really is the Ecosia search engine? We know that it plants trees and is eco-friendly but what does it actually do and how does it accomplish that? In simple terms, Ecosia is a browser similar to that of Google, Firefox, Bing, and Yahoo, a search engine that allows you to discover answers and information to any sort of question you may have. However, this tree planting search engine is slightly different. Ecosia claims to use any of the profits made by using the web browser to plant trees which they track almost every second. Currently, as it sits the Ecosia search engine has planted one hundred and twenty-two million trees with over nine thousand different planting sites almost 1.3 trees are planted every second just by simply using the browser, no hidden costs at all.


Now that we have a better understanding of Ecosia and the basic idea behind the eco-friendly web browser we can now dive a little deeper into how it works. It sounds nearly impossible to be able to plant a tree for every search you make when there are near to fifteen million users which can only mean hundreds of thousands of searches a day. This tree plating browser claims that it has developed :

  • 21 reforestation projects across the entire planet
  • Planted over 120 million trees which are increases every single minute
  • Has removed over 3 million tons of Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere
  • Planted over 500 native tree species
  • Recovered more than 60,000 hectares of land
  • Has employed 52 workers

Ecosia is no different to Google in the way it works and the information you will receive as a result of your search, just because it is environmentally friendly does not mean that it lacks any of the information you may be wanting to receive from the internet as per your research or current searches for the various information that’s out there, so in this case, why use any other browser apart from Ecosia if simply searching provides benefits to the environment and in turn our overall quality of life.


plant search engine

Now that you have a better idea of what Ecosia is and what it does let’s dive a little deeper into this plant search engine. We’re going to travel back in time and learn a little more about the history of the Ecosia browser and how it came about. Believe it or not, Ecosia actually started all the way back in 2009 when Christian Froll a German Engineer thought of the idea of defrosting land and reviving ecosystems in our planet by using the profits made by the search engine itself. He thought we have so many and there are now many different ways one can access the information that they are seeking, why not give back to the planet and help save it while we can. From this tiny idea of an environmental search engine has grown to be this extremely large entity and one that is working wonders for our environment.


So we understand the concept of this eco-friendly web browser but how exactly are they making all this money off our searches in order to the planet as many trees as they are currently doing? Now hers where it really gets interesting, Ecosia just like every other search engine is paid by advertisers to insert their ads on their browsing site. If you are doing some research on your browser, you will notice ads popping up around the screen, when someone clicks on one of these ads the browser instantly gets paid and thus creates a profit for itself. Now think if there are millions of users and just half are clicking on the ads that are already a very large profit being made without much work at all. While this money usually goes towards the company Ecosia has decided to put that same amount of money into planting trees, so in a sense, it is a completely sustainable browser as it is putting back CO2 into the atmosphere instead of removing it.


So now we have an even better understanding of this plant a tree search engine but is it really worth it and are they actually doing all that they say they are? The main idea behind Ecosia’s entire business is to plant trees in order to help offset the deforestation caused by man-made activities and behaviors. Ecosia is not the only company with this goal in mind as nowadays going green is all the rage, with more sustainable companies and brands on the market, making a real impact has become more difficult than ever before, however, we are grateful that eco is on the mind. While Ecosia claims to plant a tree for every search made, it actually is a little more complicated than that and in actual fact, they seem to plant 1 tree for every 45 searches which is still a high number and of course much more achievable, however, this means that the browser needs to be used more frequently and often. Ecosia themselves don’t actually plant the trees, instead, they use the money made from their browser to pay local organizations and non-profits who then use the investments to plant trees in the areas they operate in, which by choice are the areas that need it the most. Ecosia currently has projects to help save vulnerable ecosystems set up in :

  • India;
  • Australia;
  • Brazil;
  • Peru;
  • Madagascar;
  • Haiti;
  • Colombia;
  • Spain;
  • Marocco;
  • Ghana;
  • Ethiopia;
  • Uganda;
  • Kenya;
  • Indonesia;
  • Tanzania.

And many more that are all in desperate need of the rejuvenation of ecosystems and previously deforested areas.


ecosia browser review

Let’s dive a little further into the Ecosia reviews and answer some of the most frequently asked questions relating to the bio search engine plant trees.

Is Ecosia owned by Google?

While many people assume the two are completely linked together as Google’s carbon-neutral state and environmentally-friendly goals seem to be following the same trend, in this instance, they are more competitors than co-workers and simply have nothing to do with one another.

Is Ecosia owned by Microsoft?

While Ecosia isn’t owned by Microsoft either it does work hand in hand with it. Ecosia uses the search results and searches ads that are powered by Microsoft Bing. They don’t take full advantage of it as their collaboration means that Ecosia only uses Bings technology but combines it with their own persona algorithms.

Does Ecosia have merchandise?

Yes, Ecsoia has grown so much that they are now able to sell their very own merchandise, on their website they have a large range of hoodies, T-shirts, and jumpers that are all made from completely sustainable materials and organic cotton which are manufactured in a renewable energy powered factory. This is yet another way Ecosia managers plant trees, as for each T-shirt bought approximately 20 trees are planted.

Does Ecosia have a blog?

If you’re wanting to learn more about Ecosia and what they do as well as keep up to date with their various new projects you can find all the information you need on Ecosia’s very own blog site. The blog is currently available in both English and German as well as the French language.

What is Ecosia Travel?

When searching for information about the search engine plant trees around the globe you may come across something called Ecosia Travel. Ecosia travel is basically a variety of hotels that have partnered up with Ecosia, meaning they are eco-friendly and sustainable, and when booking with these related hotels one can plant 25 trees per booking. Ecosia travel is now available in a wide range of different countries including Italy, Sweden, France, United States, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, and the Netherlands with the goal of extending it to a nation-wide community. To find these hotels all you have to do is simply type the word “hotel” into your Ecosia search engine and access to the Ecosia Travel link will pop up, allowing you to visit the hotels that are in collaboration with the Ecosia web browser.

What tree plating methods does Ecosia use?

So how does this tree search engine actually plant trees? Ecosia only plants trees in deforested areas and does background checks on whether the ecosystem will be able to function properly after the previous destruction. Ecosia looks back at a time before deforestation accrued in large pieces of land and aims to replant the trees that once thrived in that environment, with the aim of trying to rejuvenate the once existing ecosystem. They work closely with scientists and researchers to get a better understanding of the species that exist in those areas in order to know exactly what types of trees need to be planted in those areas, to achieve the purpose of rejuvenating ecosystems.

Overall you can see that a lot of time, effort, and money has gone into creating the Ecosia search engine trees browser. With the immaculate innovation and technology that has gone into building this business, it is of no doubt that it deserves the amount of growth it has had. For us it can make little to no difference as at the end of the day we will still be able to acquire the information we are searching from the browser we are using, however in this case we are helping to plant trees and save the environment all at the same time. Ecosia is simple to use and can easily be made your primary search engine on your mobile devices, computers, and various other technology and equipment. Check it out for yourself, there is no harm in trying but as we can see if we work together we will be able to make a large difference to the parts of the planet we have previously destroyed.

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