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International Elephant Day

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International Elephant Day 2021

World Elephant Day is celebrated annually on 12 August. The main task of this day is to spread information about the need to protect and preserve the populations of American and Asian elephants.

When Is International Elephant Day

The first official celebration took place in 2012 under the direction of Patricia Sims. To mark the occasion, Sims and Clark’s film Return to the Woods was released, which focuses on the reintroduction of captive Asian elephants into their natural habitat in Thailand.

The goal of happy international Elephant Day is to raise awareness of the problem of the extermination of elephants. Both African and Asian elephants are listed in the International Red Data Book as species close to extinction.

Is Today International Elephant Day

When Is International Elephant Day

International Elephant Day 2021 in Thailand is March 13th. In Thailand, “Elephant Day” is one of the most significant national holidays, because in the history of this country it is very difficult to overestimate the role of these animals. They have long been good assistants to the Thais: they helped build cities and temples, fought alongside the Thais in wars, and now elephants help attract tourists to Thailand, which is very important for a state where tourism is one of the key sectors of the economy. Every year on March 13, Buddhist ceremonies are held throughout the kingdom, and festive dinners are held for the elephants.

World Day for the Protection of Elephants in Zoos on June 20. “World Day for the Protection of Elephants in Zoos” is celebrated annually on June 20 at the initiative of the organization “In Defense of Animals”. For the first time, events dedicated to this date were held in 2009.

World Elephant Day is September 22. “World Elephant Day” was established at the initiative of ecologists and caring people concerned about the decline in the number of the largest land mammals on the planet. The organizers of the holiday proposed to celebrate it annually on November 30th. This initiative was not widely disseminated, but from time to time in various countries of the world on this day various events are organized in order to draw the attention of the world community to the problem of reducing the population of elephants.

World Elephant Day – November 30. “World Elephant Day” (or “Elephantine”) is one of the international holidays dedicated to elephants, which is celebrated annually on November 30

A distinctive feature is the elephant’s trunk, the mass of which can be up to 200 kg for an elephant. This organ is a fused nose and upper lip. Consisting of over 100,000 strong muscles and tendons, the elephant’s trunk is incredibly flexible and strong. They tear off the vegetation and put them in the mouth. Also, the elephant’s trunk is a weapon with which he defends himself and fights with an opponent.

World Elephant Day: When It Is and Its Implementation

Through the trunk, the giants also draw in water, which is then sent into the mouth or doused. Elephants up to a year have a weak command of their proboscis. For example, they cannot drink with it, but kneel down and drink with their mouths. But they hold on to the mother’s tail tightly with their trunk from the first hours of their life.

The main reasons for the decline in the number of elephants are hunting for them by humans for tusks and meat, persecution due to damage caused to crops, and deforestation of forests – the natural habitat of elephants. Despite the fact that World Elephant Day does not yet have official status, more than sixty conservation organizations are participating in the events.

Elephants are known to be able to identify themselves in mirror images, which is considered a sign of self-awareness, which has also been demonstrated in some monkeys and dolphins. One study conducted on a captive-bred female Indian elephant showed that these animals are able to remember and distinguish many visual and sound pairs.

Retesting a year later again showed good results, which indicates a developed memory. Elephants are among the few animal species that use tools. One observation of an Indian elephant has shown it to use twigs as flywashers. However, elephants are inferior to chimpanzees in their ability to create tools. Elephants’ good memory is indicated by their ability to track the location of members of their family group.

The body of a large mammal is covered with thick gray or brown skin, mottled with many wrinkles and folds. The sparse stiff bristles on it are observed only in the young. In adults, it is practically absent.

The color of the animal directly depends on the habitat, since elephants often, protecting themselves from insects, sprinkle themselves with earth and clay. Therefore, some representatives appear brown and even pink.

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