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Endless Masses of Microplastic Return to Land with The Oceans

May.26.2020 268 view review
microplastic in the ocean

Ocean breeze contains thousands of microplastic particles according to recent research which was taken in order to study the environmental impact of plastic pollution.

Millions of tons of plastic waste are emitted into the environment annually and the major part of it ends up in the oceans. It was known that plastic waste decomposes into small and invisible particles called microplastic.

Microplastic is a hazardous element and can cause serious health issues in a long-term perspective. It was believed that microplastic stays in the ocean water but a recent study overturned this allegation.

Ocean breeze carries thousands of microplastic particles that settle on the coasts and nearest territories. There’s no need to explain why this is so dangerous for us, humans, and for nature.

These particles get on a shore with water bubbles, seaweed, sea salt, and bacteria. Ocean breeze spreads them across the land from the beach which overturns the allegation that ocean breeze is clean air.

The research was taken in France and revealed that each cubic meter of air includes nineteen plastic particles. This observation carries a major threat. People and animals could breathe in microplastic particles which can cause serious diseases since microplastic is considered a carcinogenic element.

Plastic pollution threatens numerous marine species and now poses a threat to land life too

pollution with microplastic

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch which covers the area of the state of Texas and is located in the Pacific Ocean is a consequence of poor waste management and irrational use of natural resources. Four similar garbage patches roam the World Ocean’s waters trapping and polluting marine life.

Microplastic particles penetrate the Earth from four corners and threaten the environment. It’s almost impossible to remedy that situation considering the existing scale of this natural catastrophe.

It is expected that plastic emissions will grow to exacerbate already high levels of pollution and making the situation unrecoverable.

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