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England’s water supplies will be exhausted in next quarter-century

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Fresh water is the most valuable resource on our planet. Unfortunately, many anthropogenic factors have led to the rapid shortening of freshwater supplies. Global warming, overpopulation, and irrational resource management are only a few of them.

Recent geological studies have shown that for a quarter-century all freshwater resources in England will run out. Mentioned anthropogenic factors are the reasons for such shortage.

The Environment Agency of England predicted that England will be on the edge of extinction if nothing will be changed and half of England’s rivers may dry out due to Global Warming.

The Water Supply System of England has several issues. The main issue is leakages because more than three billion liters of fresh water are wasted each day.


Another problem is overconsumption. Overconsumption of Earth’s resources has touched many spheres of human’s life but the freshwater shortages are the most dangerous.

Regular Englishman wastes around one and a half hundred liters of fresh water a day. If this number is halved the water resources will be doubled and England will win some spare time.

Industrial pollution is another serious threat to freshwater supplies. Factories and animal farms emit enormous amounts of chemicals, toxins, and organic waste into rivers, seas, and oceans.

Such pollution can lead to water poisoning. England’s water supplies depend only on several main rivers. England will face a massive catastrophe if even one of them will be polluted.

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