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Enormous Amounts of Space Debris Are Rotating Around the Earth

Jun.18.2020 251 view review
the space debris

European Space Agency revealed a new statistic according to which more than a million space debris particles larger than one centimeter are rotating around the Earth.

Humanity has polluted all Earth ecospheres from the oceans’ depths to the outer space above the atmosphere. A new study taken by European Space Agency found out that enormous amounts of space debris contaminate the Earth’s orbit.

Most of the data were collected with the help of the United States Space Observation Catalog which observes the orbit’s contamination with space debris. Nearly six thousand space objects larger than one meter rotate around the Earth together with thirty-five thousand larger than ten centimeters and nine hundred thousand others larger than one centimeter.

European Space Agency has constructed a model that succeeded in counting other space debris particles. More than a million and three hundred thousand debris particles are situated in the Earth’s orbit according to this model.

Most of these debris particles are former satellites and their body parts. The most disturbing part lies in the impossibility to remove space debris and clean the Earth’s orbit.

Such contamination doesn’t affect the environment of the Earth’s surface but the extent of anthropogenic contamination can concern many people. It’s time to beat the alarm since humanity bothered to pollute even the outer space near the planet.

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