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Environmental pollution: Each week we swallow a plastic credit card

Apr.07.2020 262 view review

We all know about micro-plastic particles in the environment. Plastic decomposes into small toxic particles once it appears in the environment. But many people don’t know that we consume small portions of it every day.

Micro-plastic penetrates everything. It can be found in water, soil, fish, seafood, drinks, and land animals. These particles can be compared with radiation. They penetrate everything, and they’re not observable to the unaided eye.

Recent research has shown that every living person consumes around five grams of plastic weekly. This amount can be compared with a plastic credit card.

It is not known yet how micro-plastic can harm our health but in a long-term period, plastic can cause the development of several issues such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

Research has distinguished products that contain the most microplastics. Water, beer, salt, and seafood are among them. The biggest danger hides in bottled water.

Disposable plastic bottles are made of cheap plastic which emits huge amounts of micro-plastic in the water. Also, the quality of the water itself has been widely challenged.

No one wants to have hazardous plastic particles inside. But current industrialization and plastic consumption leave no doubts that such a trend will become even more widespread.

Global measures should be taken immediately to prevent further pollution. More and more people become concerned about plastic consumption. The irony is that if you even live a totally eco-friendly life you still will be exposed to plastic pollution through water or food. Unfortunately, we can’t circumvent that but we can try to change our future and the future of our planet.

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