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golden ratio nature

Nature is one of the most fascinating parts of our planet, it encompasses a multitude of different plant and animal species and perfectly combines the smallest living organisms to the largest. The cycle of nature and the ecosystems found within it all work alongside each other and need to be in a constant perfect alignment for everything to be able to function properly. This is where the golden ratio pattern comes into play, which refers to the exact frequency of a particular pattern that can be found throughout nature, making it the exact and most perfect proportion that allows it to thrive in the way it does.


The golden ratio in nature is in short and simple terms a mathematical equation that can be found throughout nature and its elements. The golden ratio nature is made up of a never-ending number sequence similar to that of the well-known Phi mentioned in mathematics. Many people refer to the golden ratio as divine proportion because of the way it is found in so many different elements in nature which gives it the perfect proportions to do what it does. This ratio refers to things such as the exact number of petals on a flower and the exact amount of peels on a banana, as per the equation they all add up to the unique mathematical equation of 1.618. This mathematical equation has been around for centuries and is often used by mathematicians, scientists, artists, and designers who used to create perfect proportions similar to that that can be found in the many different elements of our environment.


golden ratio nature

The concept of the golden ratio found in nature can be quite difficult to understand but through these few examples, you will be better able to identify the golden ratio in a large variety of elements possibly present in your own backyard. The golden ratio is comprised of a sequence in which each number is the sum of the two numbers that precede it, starting with 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 and so on forever. The golden ratio nature can be found in

Flower Petals

The number of petals presents in a flower continuously followers the mathematical sequence in the golden ratio. Not only do flowers have the perfect amount of petals but the way those petals face is also in perfect proportion in order to attract the exact amount of sunlight needed for their survival. Some of the golden ratios following flowers include the Lily which has three petals, Chicorys that have twenty-one petals, Diasys that have thirty-four petals, and Buttercups which have five petals.

Seed Heads

The exact amount of seeds and the pattern of those seeds found in flower heads are also proportionate to the golden ratio in which they can reach extremely high numbers depending on the number of seeds and how tightly they are packed. Sunflowers are the perfect example for this equation.


Pinecones are arranged in a beautiful spiraled pattern and that is not just for the look and a pretty design, it for a reason that is present in nature helping it to be identified and aligned with other elements. Each spiral in each direction perfectly matches the equation present within the golden ratio no matter the size or shape.


Shells such as the ones found on the beach as well as the ones acting as a home for snails all match the golden ratio perfectly as well as other elements found in nature such as the human ear and the horns of a Goat. This is because it follows a spiral, scientifically known as the logarithmic spiral in which the summed number can go on until infinity no matter the size of the spiral.


A Golden Ratio tree can mostly be found in the branches of such tree and the way they split from one another This is because once one branch is developed the two growth points then divide it into two and so on, creating the perfect sequence. The same pattern can be found in the roots of the trees too.


golden ratio pattern

Much like nature golden ratio, the same equation is present in parts of the human body. The golden ratio in biology can be seen in :


Believe it or not our faces are also a part of the golden ratio meaning that they meet a perfect ratio that can be seen in every single human face no matter the size, shape, or looks. From the eyes to the nose to the mouth and the bottom of the chin all sit within a calculated alignment for perfect functionality. This is taken as an average can be an amazing tool in identifying both the faces of humans and that of animals. One has stated that the closer the face ratio is to the exact Pii number the more perfect those features are and back in the day would be considered to tell your level of beauty.


Our fingers are too a part of the golden ratio, in which they decrease in size moving from the top of the wrist all the way to the fingertip. This is not by accident, it is of the perfect alignment to be able to function properly and each fits the numerical sequence to the exact amount.

Human Bodies

The proportions of our bodies also adhere to the golden ratio equation for example the measurements from our belly buttons to the top of our head and from our belly buttons to the floor.


Just like in nature the same ratio exists in space, we can see this ratio present in the spiral galaxies which represent something similar to the shell and the inner ear. This spiral-like feature that is present within our galaxies including the milky way has been vastly studied by astronomers in which they have started recognizing the exact same pattern that is present on earth and in nature. The Golden Ratio and nature can not only be seen in the form of living organisms but also in some of the natural disasters we experience for example Hurricanes. Similar to that of our galaxies a hurricane follows the same unique spiral pattern in which it aligns with the numerical value of Phi 1.618, deeming it part of the golden ratio or design proportion as well.


ratio in nature

While we have already discussed many elements in this golden ratio article there are still more parts of nature and our environment that consist of the divine proportion formula, some of these things also include :

  • DNA molecules
  • The uterus
  • Animal bodies
  • Animal fight patterns
  • Reproductive dynamics in both animals, plants, and humans
  • Chameleon tails
  • Fern Fiddleheads
  • Ocean Waves
  • Broccoli
  • Spider Webs

As you can see the golden ratio in nature shell is present far beyond what is even visible with the naked eye and makes up for the consistent pattern of dynamics found in both nature, humans, animals, and even as far as our galaxies. This unique and mathematical equation and pattern have helped us identify objects and how they work in an efficient time frame, it is also apart of the creation f new types of products and designs which follow the same pattern of alignment in order to create the perfect design similar to that that is found in nature. Without the presence of the golden ratio, we would not be able to identify how and why things work n the perfect way they do

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