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Grasslands are one of the major biomes of the world and contain a very specific climate, vegetation, and animal life. They are regions of the world made up of land covered with long stretches of grasses. They do not grow trees as they do not receive enough rainfall to do so but have enough rainfall to grow a variety of grasses. There are many interesting facts about the grasslands and the types of different grasslands that exist within our world, each unique and specific to its exact geographical location. Nearly 25 percent of the entire earth’s surface is covered by grasslands making it an extremely important biome to the sustainability of our planet. Here are some cool facts about grasslands and some important and interesting information you need to know.


Some grassland biome interesting facts include

grasslands biome facts
  • Many grasslands are used for farming due to their extremely nutrient-rich soil. In the United States, so much of the grassland has been used for farming that there are now many efforts made to restore these areas by replanting grass with the hopes it will be able to adapt to its previous abilities.
  • There are two different kinds of grasslands, one known as Tropical grasslands and the other as temperate grasslands. Tropical grasslands having warmer weather that is experienced all year round as opposed to temperate grasslands that experience warm weather for one part of the year and cold weather during the other.
  • Many animal life can be found in the grassland biome, these include zebras, lions, wolves, foxes, and prairie dogs. The types of animals found in the grassland biomes are all dependent on the exact location due to specific adaptations needed for survival.


Tropical Grasslands

  • Tropical grasslands are also known as savannas are found mostly in Africa and Asia and are made up of a mixture of different types of grasses and trees.
  • The amount of vegetation that grows is all dependent on the amount of rainfall the grassland receives in its location.
  • Tropical grasslands are mostly surrounded by deserts, seas, mountains, and forests and are recognized for having taller grasses, shrubs, and trees.
  • Animals such as zebras, elephants, giraffes, and wildebeests can all be found in tropical grasslands.

Temperate Grasslands

  • Temperate grasslands are made up of main grass as their dominant form of vegetation and unlike the tropical grasslands trees and shrubs do not exist.
  • There is less amount of rainfall experienced in temperate grasslands and their weather includes both summer and winter unlike that of tropical grasslands or savannas.
  • The soil found in temperate grasslands is extremely nutrient-rich and provides a great food source for living plants.
  • Purple needlegrass, blue grama, buffalo grass, and galleta are some of the many varieties of grasses that can be found in the temperate grasslands.
  • Prairies are ecosystems that are found in temperate grasslands and some facts about prairies include its perfect ability for growing grains such as wheat, rye, and oats. It is also a very popular and important land time for farming and the agricultural sector in general.


grassland information and facts

Grasslands temperatures average between -20C and 30C whereby tropical grasslands remain in the upper category and receive warm weather all year round, whereas temperate grasslands can differ between these temperatures throughout the year as it experiences both warm and cold climates by having extremely hot summer and very cold winters. The grass life, vegetation growth, and animal species found are all directly linked to the climate experienced in each grassland due to its location.

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