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Nature is such an amazing and fascinating thing, there is so much happening constantly and so much we don’t even know or understand yet. Facts about mother nature are endless, with a power that is greater than the entire human population nature encompasses many different aspects of life and death, ranging from the ecosystems of the tiniest microorganisms to the creation of some of the largest natural disasters including earthquakes and tornados. Nature although beautiful is scary in some ways due to the vast and unpredictable capacity it encompasses in the world. There are so many amazing facts about nature that truly capture its grace and strength as well as the high level of importance it has on planet earth and ultimately our ability to survive as the human species. Nature deserves our utmost respect and appreciation especially since we tend to abuse the resources it offers.


Some fun nature facts include

nature fun facts
  • Owls don’t have eyeballs, Yes, you heard it right the amazing creature that can trunks its head 270 degrees also doesn’t have eyeballs. They have what is known as eye tubes which are what replace the typical eyeball. These tubes cannot move and that is the reason why they have to turn their neck so far around, as it is their only way to see.
  • Baby giraffes use their butts as pillows. Adult giraffes spend their lives standing up whereas baby giraffes cant withstand that for days on end and thus need to rest and sit. They literally put their own heads on their butts by using their extraordinarily long necks and thus create a comfortable pillow for ultimate relaxation.
strange nature facts
  • Cows kill more people than sharks. One of the really weird nature facts is the misunderstood danger of cows. Cows are often the cause of road accidents throughout the year however there have also been many attacks resulting in death recorded annually trumping the annual four people sharks kill per year. This usually happens when a cow feels as though it may be under attack and thus gathers all the other cows into somewhat of a circle or herd and charge straight ahead completely knocking out anything in its sight. So bare in mind not to irritate a cow they are clearly more powerful than we think.


Nature is extremely complicated and diverse and holds tons of different elements and aspects both weird and wonderful and some that we can’t even comprehend. Some other strange nature fun facts include

  • Pineapples can take up to two years to grow. Pineapple is one of the most popular and widely enjoyed fruit but I bet you didn’t know the delicious summer treat you love to consume has actually been growing for two years before it got to your table. So next time you pick up a pineapple don’t forget to savor every last bit because it may be a while until you get the next one.
  • Acacia trees can warn each other when danger is approaching. Trees are one of the most fascinating parts of nature that each has unique and extremely important qualities that help to sustain the health of our planet and the existence of many many species varieties. acacia trees have their own defense mechanisms in which they have the ability to predict danger. They produce what is known as tannin which is present in their leaves and is toxic to animals however this is only caused when animals such as antelopes start chomping on their leaves in a manner of urgency. After this production, the tree then emits somewhat of a cloud which is made up of a gas called ethylene, which is seen in the air and effectively warns other surrounding trees of the danger that is nearby approaching.
nature facts
  • More male giraffes are gay than straight. Yep, this one is definitely a little strange and mostly unknown to us but scientists have delved deep into understanding the homosexuality present in the giraffe species and the conclusion is that male and male companionship is more common than male and female, the reason for this is not completely understood but is an interesting part of nature and the diversity of each species being so incredibly different from one another.

As you can see there are so many wonderful and cool nature facts that really prove the diversity and biodiversity in each element that surrounds us. Everything from the moon and stars to the plants and waters contain individual perks that make them perfect for creating a sustainable planet for life on earth. Nature is majestic and powerful and is so much larger than we could ever even dream of and although we have discovered so much, there is so much more left for us to discover.

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