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First Composting Factory for Deceased Will Be Opened In 2021

Jul.01.2020 334 view review
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Washington State passed a bill that allows to compost human remains into the soil. Recompose Company will be the first such commercial company approved by the government.

This bill came into force in May 2020. Although Recompose Company will be opened in 2021, the company has developed all main aspects of its activity and service functioning. Since there are only two ways of how human remains can rest, cremation and traditional burial, Recompose Company offers another, ecologic way of a repository of the remains of the dead.

Recompose Company provides encapsulation of the remains with further aerating. Remains decompose into organic soil within thirty days under the impact of bacteria. Family members and relatives of the deceased can receive this soil for memory or use it to grow something new and live.

Such a process is called a natural organic recovery and is the most organic and eco-friendly way to rest the remains of the deceased. Cremation and traditional burial have several negative environmental effects such as CO2 emissions and soil disruption and pollution with toxic balsamic liquids.

Natural organic recovery is a very symbolic process that allows transforming the human body into pure and organic soil which can be used for the Earth’s enrichment.

Recomposing company service can serve as a logical end of life journey. Its services are expected to cost five thousand dollars. Recompose company will be opened in Seattle, Washington State.

Several similar projects are being developed to find a way to organically decompose human remains without any harm to the environment. Burials aren’t something that bothers the global society but considering the Earth’s population, it is necessary to develop brand-new ways and approaches to burial techniques.

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