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Five Myths about Ecology Everyone Believes In

Jul.13.2020 275 view review
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We’re convinced that our planet is experiencing a tremendous crisis. Those paper bags are more ecological than plastic ones and only forests provide us with the necessary amount of oxygen.

Although the ecology of our planet suffers a lot because of human activity, there’re many disbeliefs and false accusations that prevail in society.

Only forests can provide us with the necessary amount of oxygen

The truth is, that marine microorganisms and phytoplankton produce oxygen that we breathe. Also, forests consume almost all the oxygen that they produce.

But forests play an irreplaceable role in the air’s purification and soil’s protection. Forests are called the lungs of the planet but actually, they should be perceived as the planet’s kidneys or liver.

It is the first ecological crisis caused by humans

Fifty thousand years ago the first ecological crisis had occurred when ancient humanity had drained the Earth’s resources for the first time. Our climate changes regularly causing global natural catastrophes and atypical weather conditions.

Bio-plastic and paper are eco-friendlier than disposable plastic

The production of paper packaging emits forty percent more CO2 than the production of disposable plastic. Production of paper and bio-plastic pollute and exhaust the environment just in the same way as disposable plastic production does. The only difference lies in decomposition time.

But still, paper and bioplastic degrade very fast compared with plastic and bring much less harm to the environment.

Humanity is the cause of the Global Climate Change

Earth’s natural processes couldn’t be controlled by humans. The climate is changing by itself and natural climate processes define the subsequent climate’s development. Anthropogenic factors affect very badly the natural state of Earth and humans do affect the Earth’s condition.

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