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Five Myths About the Climate Change

May.31.2020 263 view review
myths about climate change

Climate Change became one of the most discussable topics of today’s society. Numerous people are concerned about the state of the environment and our planet’s future.

Scientists predict apocalyptic prognoses while mass media continue to assure that there’s nothing to worry about. But our planet is choking on human activity and numerous destroying anthropogenic factors.

It is necessary to figure out what is real and what is only an assumption. Here’re five of the most common myths about climate change that may overturn your idea of it.

Climate had changed multiple times before

pollution and climate change global warming

It’s true but never before has the climate changed so quickly. Global Warming should have occurred over hundreds of thousands of years if it were a natural event. But now it has occurred within a few decades. Multiple anthropogenic factors have caused intense planet’s warming due to the carbon dioxide emissions and deforestation of the planet.

«Global Warming isn’t real because it’s cold outside»

global warming causes the glaciers melting

Only a dilettante could say such imprudent things. Global Warming increases the average temperature level of the planet causing prolonged droughts and hotter warm months.

Climate problems can be solved by future generations

sources of renewable energy

For better or worse, it’s too late to pass down existing problems to future generations hoping that they will solve the problems which we have created. We have only a decade or a little more to cope with the current ecological crisis according to the most optimistic prognosis.

The average temperature level will cross the warming mark of 1,5°C in ten or fifteen years which will cause global climate imbalance. Destructive and devastating natural catastrophes will converge the Earth after this time mark will be passed.

Renewable energy is very expensive

renewable energy

It’s not true. Green energy comes from the power of elements – water, wind, and the sun. Such energy sources are endless and green energy costs much less than non-renewable energy. For example, new coal-fired coal stations will never pay off due to the lack of coal fields and legislation tax control.

There’s nothing can be done because of the growing population and the public’s ignorance

It’s true that the majority of people don’t pay any attention to the current environmental crisis. Global Warming and Climate Change are real and only together we can prevent further destruction of our green home. Political leaders, manufacturers, ignorant masses, and narrow-minded people such as Global Warming deniers should look towards the future in order to save what’s left from our once beautiful planet.

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