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Forest fires in some parts of northern India and Nepal are growing into a serious threat

Apr.12.2021 192 view review
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Scientists announced that record forest fires, which happened in some areas of northern India and Nepal, have been the worst in the recent 15 years. People could even feel the heat from the fire at a distance of 20 meters. It was stated that the fires, occurred in Uttarakhand, have released about 0.2 megatons of carbon through the past month, and this is considered a record since 2003.

According to the research of images from satellite, it was calculated that Nepal released about 18 megatons of carbon. It is also considered the highest record since 2016 when it released 27 megatons of carbon. And this proves the power of the fires in the area, which is a serious matter, say the researchers.

Unfortunately, it was reported that about 20 people have died because of the fires that happened in Uttarakhand and Nepal. And it is believed that hundreds of thousands of hectares of forest have disappeared.

The air quality in the region has continued to have a dangerous level. Moreover, many regions of northern India and Nepal have undergone continued drought over the past few months. There has been no rain or snow in the area for several months. That is why oak forests burn down- the land on which they are is completely dry. Scientists assume that despite the climate changing cannot be straight related to the fires, it has increased drought in the area.

Despite all this, forest fires in India are not recognized as dangerous natural phenomena. According to data provided in 2019, almost 36% of the forests in the country are inclined to fires, and almost a third of them are highly vulnerable. Most of these fires are purposely caused by humans, mainly for agricultural ideas, and therefore do not pose a significant danger. But frequent forest fires are now growing into a serious threat and the Indian authorities are trying to solve this problem.

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