Green is CoolTechnologyGenetically-Modified Bacteria Will Help Solar Panels to Efficiently Produce Energy Under Any Lighting Conditions

Genetically-Modified Bacteria Will Help Solar Panels to Efficiently Produce Energy Under Any Lighting Conditions

May.28.2020 320 view review
bacteria that help solar panels to produce energy

Alternative energy sources play an important role in modern society. Natural energy sources are rapidly depleting and it is considered renewable energy sources stand for the future.

Water, wind, and sunlight can provide us with unlimited energy unlike other energy sources such as coal or oil.

But such energy sources have several disadvantages. Solar panels, for example, can’t produce enough energy when the weather is bad and the sunlight is poor. Water dams are ruining the land’s landscape and the wind turbines can function under the right weather conditions only.

Solar panels are one of the most important and productive energy sources

solar panels energy

But their main disadvantage can significantly lower their validity. Bad weather, reduced sunlight and simply the clouds can reduce the production of solar energy.

Nevertheless, scientists from Britain Columbia University have found the right way to fix this issue.

This solution never consisted of sophisticated technologies or something related to engineering. The simplest and the most elementary creatures which ever existed showed the way to solve this problem.

Scientists have found that bacteria can help solar panels to produce energy when weather conditions are inappropriate. E. coli. – this is a name of genetically-modified bacteria that can transform dim and faint light into fully-fledged energy.

E. coli. bacteria absorb all visible light waves and transform them into solar energy. It is possible due to the vast amounts of lycopene – a pigment that is found in tomatoes, red apples, watermelons, beet, and other red products. It gives E. coli. bacteria have such impressive and useful ability to generate energy under any lighting conditions.

Scientists cover E. coli. bacteria with specific mineral layers to increase their productivity and by now E. coli. bacteria are the most efficient way to improve the solar panels’ productivity.

This innovative solution isn’t ready to be implemented on working solar panels but its potential is overwhelming. The ability to work and produce vast amounts of energy under any lightning conditions makes E. coli. bacteria are extremely promising.

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