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recycled paper gifts


If you’re looking for a Christmas gift or any gift for that matter, but want to make it eco friendly and better and more sustainable for the environment, don’t hesitate to look too far, there is plenty of absolutely amazing green gift ideas that are perfect for friends and family. Now day and age people are really getting innovative in creating new ideas in which they use the process of reducing, reusing, and recycling in an attempt to help save the environment. So if you’re planning on splurging on some gifts for your loved ones why not make use of the many available cool recycled products.


Some great recycled gifts ideas include


Jewelry is one of the recycled products that has widely been created in many different forms by many different brands and companies, some use old cans or plastic bottles other use materials that are completely biodegradable and eco friendly. If you’re also aiming to save money jewelry is one of the easiest things to recreate at home using old pieces of metal, beads, and strings. Rings, necklaces, and bracelets are some of the most popular recyclable jewelry products available for purchase or creation and can be a really fantastic gift as it can be customized and personalized for any loved one and at the end of the day, it’s really all about the thought that really makes a Christmas present special.


One of the greatest recyclable gifts I’ve come across is that of a pinboard, which can most definitely be created at home using the remainders of corkscrews and old pins or simply purchased from many independent sustainable stores online. By using a piece of wood and sticking corkscrews on it, covering the entire source you can create the ultimate pinboard in which you can attach personal photographs or messages using old pins found at home. This is a really creative and fun alternative to going shopping for things that may deem useful and at the end of the day who doesn’t love a good old trusty pinboard especially when the new year is fast approaching and new goals and targets are to be set and ready to be achieved in all hopes and desires.

green gifts ideas


Paper is one of the most commonly used materials when creating recycled products as it is easy to manipulate and has endless creative opportunities. Many small businesses have created pillowcases, home decorations, coasters, packaging, bags, wrapping paper, book covers, and containers all made from paper that is no longer necessary. Many stores including the famous online store known as Etsy have created a large multitude of different gifts and gift ideas made from paper, making them completely environmentally safe and planet-friendly, a perfect gift for giving and receiving with long-lasting effects.


You would be surprised how many awesome gifts you can create using just what is available to you right in front of your eyes. Some cool things to make with recycled materials include

  • Create, quilts, blankets, cushion covers, and even clothes by using leftover textiles and some sewing equipment. Leftover pieces of material make up for a large part of the world’s overall waste and can be effectively reused. A great trick is to save pieces throughout the year until you have enough to create beautiful gifts with lots of thought and effort.
  • Bird feeders – something I remember from my childhood, in particular, is using empty plastic bottles to create bird feeders that hang in the trees. It’s a super simple and easy gift to create at home and you can definitely involve the kids too. It also doesn’t require going out and buying any fancy materials or tools and can be beautifully decorated and helps attract some lovely little birds to your home.
recycled christmas gifts

As you can see there are so many different gifts one can give using completely recyclable; materials. This is a great way to not only contribute to the preservation and conservation of our planet but is also easy on the budget and definitely creates a more personal and thoughtful gift that I’m sure any loved one would strongly appreciate.

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