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Global Warming Approaches Faster Than It Was Predicted

Jun.14.2020 351 view review
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Global Warming is a natural phenomenon that characterizes the increasing temperature levels of the planet. Global Warming was perceived with skepticism for a long time even by the scientific community.

But now the Global Warming approaches faster than it was predicted and its disastrous consequences could be witnessed today.

Seasons changing defines the climate’s evolution and shows us the hidden life of our planet which we can’t see with our own eyes. A recent shift in seasonal changing pattern describes the current ecological crisis in the best way.

Spring came twenty-two days earlier

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Thus, this year’s spring came twenty-two days earlier compared to the previous century causing massive disorder in flora. As a result, Greenland’s sedge had bloomed one month earlier than usual. This observation shows that nature’s natural mechanisms were significantly disrupted.

Phenology studies a sequence of nature’s annual revival such as first blooming, first bird’s nesting, and other signs of seasonal change. This young science had proved the fears of numerous scientists about Global Warming approaching.

The hottest years in Our History

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Twenty years have passed since the beginning of the 21st century and sixteen of them are considered as the hottest years which were ever recorded. Anthropogenic factors such as greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide emissions, animal farming, and atomic tests deplete the ozone and oxygen layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. These negative factors speed up the planet’s heating, melting glaciers, and desalination of the oceans.

These data reflect a fastened tempo of the planet’s warming. Thus, the planet’s temperature level has increased by 1,3 degrees Celsius since the preindustrial epoch. Another temperature increase by two degrees Celsius will cause irreversible climate-changing such as horrendous cyclones, natural disasters, storms, droughts, and other destructive events.

It was believed that Global Warming was going to happen for thousands of years. But Global Warming approaches faster than it could be imagined leaving no spare time to stop this destructive and deadly process.

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