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Greenland Ice Melt

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Melting ice

Greenland’s ice sheet is thawing and melting extremely quickly, over the past thirty years the Greenland ice sheet has been liquefying at a rapid and unfixable rate and with its contribution to sea levels growing significantly as the loss of ice increasing we are headed for some major disasters if we do not slow down our contribution to climate change.

What is happening with Greenland Ice?

Everything we do as mankind has a rippling effect and this effect is something irreversible, once the ice has melting we cannot simply re-freeze it. And this mass amount of ice melt is don’t only destroying Greenland but overflowing our water levels, drastically affecting neighboring countries and the animal inhabitants living on the ice. The destruction this is causing is quite serious and unfortunately is not getting any less scary for the foreseeable future of Greenland and its surrounding regions.

Greenland Ice Sheet Melt

Due to extremely high uptake in temperature, the Greenland melting ice reached an all-time high in 2019, with the largest melt of the ice sheet yet, the devastation concerned researchers about what is to come as a reaction to the melting ice. The biggest issue is that Greenland is losing so much ice and not creating more than what it’s losing, meaning the climate is warming at a rate that is too powerful to keep the region safe and balanced as it once was. This mass ice melting of Greenland’s ice sheet is mainly due to an extremely large rise in temperature in the area right above the region.

What is causing Greenland Ice Sheet Melt?

greenland ice sheet

Since the largest recorded ice sheet melt in 2019, scientists and researchers have chosen to dig deeper into what exactly is causing all of this. Creating an overwhelming amount of water entering our oceans and seas as well as creating lakes where a surface for the existence once existed. This kind of drastic melting is unusual and not consistent with previous years of Greenland ice melts. This caused scientists as well as the panel overseeing global climate change causing to take another look into the effects and causes of the situation and how we may be able to slow this down in the future. The entire artic as a whole is under a huge threat because of global warming and its devastating effects on our entire nature and with the spot above the Greenland ice sheet being at an all-time heat we need to act now if we want to save what is left.

Greenland melting ice can be a Serious Problem for Us

Greenland’s melting ice is a direct repercussion of the harsh effects of climate change and unless we cut down tremendously and quickly the fate of the ice sheet is without a doubt in danger. During a massive heatwave in the early spring of 2019, almost half of Greenland’s icy surface melted, turning into water, changing the well known white ice caps and surfaces into pools of water, lakes, and steams. Now as Greenland loses water the North Atlantic becomes more water-filled causing a complete overload and mass increase in sea-level rise, where eventually it will cover parts of the land as it overflows incapacity, meaning land will turn to water and its inhabitants will most likely have to evacuate their home or end up drowning.

Greenland Glacier is very Important for Us

greenland melting ice

It’s important to note that not only is Greenland melting ice due to warm air but also because of warming water. Recently approximately about 1/2 of the island has vanished in connection to surface melt but another half has been drained away by the huge glaciers in the region. These glaciers extend off from the ice sheet and hang off the water’s edge. As the temperature of the water becomes increasingly warm these massive glaciers begin to melt. Baring in mind that these glaciers are extremely large, just one makes up about four percent of all the sea-level rise, that is a lot of water! So with Greenland’s sheet disappearing and the addition of melting glaciers added on top, there is an uncontrollably large amount of space predominately being covered by water. Greenland’s future chance of survival is slim because of this and the biggest worry is that it is increasing, why? Our actions, behavior, and relentless disregard of what we are doing to our planet and its future.

Climate Change at a Point of No Return

It’s scary to think that the effects of Global Warming and its resulted increase in climate change has caused such destruction to parts of our planet but the truth is we are at a point now of no return, what we have lost and destroyed can never be brought back we can only create a massive change to slow the process and stop this repetition in the future. Greenland’s ice sheet melting and overall melt ice is at a point in which it can no longer return to what it once was, the speed in which it is melting is too much to handle that even our best efforts to lessen global warming it will not stop the disintegration of Greenland’s icy structure. The huge contribution that Greenland’s ice has on the uptake in sea level will enviably wipe out regions and properties located on the coastlines, with states such as Florida being at risk and its human inhabitants vulnerable to the effects of this drastic overflowing increase in water levels. And Florida is not the only one about forty percent of the United States population living in coastal areas they all face a tremendous risk of losing not only their homes but entire towns and cities too.

ice melting in Greenland

Since we have moved to a place that we cannot return from, things will not get better, they will not slow down or be paused, the sea levels will continue to rise at an uncontrollable rate and the future of these effects will cause havoc and chaos. The spurs of growth in the level of the sea are being more and more unpredictable and are too far gone to prevent. Ice is precious and sensitive, it can melt, break and crash very easily, and it too in itself creates a rippling effect on everything around it and it will not take much for it to come crashing down entirely. The only thing we can do is take a careful look at our contribution to climate change in an attempt to slow down the process of the melting so scientists and researchers can work on a plan for when it happens. We have to come to the realization that this is what is happening around us and whether or not we think it matters it will have an effect on our lives.

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