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Hamsters Are On the Verge of Total Disappearance According To the IUCN

Jul.16.2020 213 view review
hamsters might disappear

Hamsters have roamed the European and Eurasian steppe for centuries and were considered as an integral and one of the most sustainable and vivacious parts of local ecosystems.

But now hamsters are considered as the species which is on the verge of total disappearance. Hamsters stood beside rats and mice once but according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), their population has critically decreased.

This change cannot be considered as a natural process. Numerous anthropogenic factors have caused the mass extinction of these widespread animals. Extensive usage of agricultural lands, light and noise pollution, use of pesticides, and pests’ poisoning seriously hurt wild animal species such as hamsters.

The fertility of female hamsters had been studied as well as their habitat areas. The study found out that only a few decades ago a female hamster had given birth to twenty hatchlings. Now the regular number of hatchlings does not exceed five animals.

Hamsters still have a high population number but the IUCN analyses not only population numbers but the risks of extinction also.

Hamsters are in great danger. Rapid and extensive urbanization, mass building and use of chemicals and pesticides have deprived hamsters from their habitat zones.

Nobody expected that hamsters could become extinct. But this is happening now and who knows which abundant species will become extinct in the nearest future?

Researchers from the IUCN are trying to reverse the situation. They’re moving hamsters from their most populated zones to the most damaged areas to rebalance the population prevalence.

Many animal species are at risk of total disappearance. Mammals are under the biggest danger. Critically reduced hamster population is a warning sign that human activity threatens the existence of even such a widespread species as hamsters.

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