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Homemade Rainbarell: Building Your Own Rain Barrel

Jan.22.2021 288 view review
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So what is a rain barrel and what is a rain barrel used for? Before we can begin the process of creating your very own do-it-yourself rain barrel, let’s get into what it actually is and why you may need it. A rain barrel just like its name is a barrel that collects rainwater during storms and showers. Rain barrels store the rainwater that would otherwise be lost in the gardens. A rain barrel is typically very large and can store around fifty gallons of rainwater. In most cases, rain barrels are connected to the gutter spouts where most of the water that lands on the roof then runs down and straight into the rain barrel connected. A rain barrel is some way is almost like getting free water, not drinking water so to say but the water that can be used for alternative uses, such as gardening and the washing of household appliances, which becomes extremely beneficial to the price of your water bill each month.

Benefits of Rain Barrels

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Having a rain barrel in your home comes with many advantages and benefits including

Save Money

The number one benefit of having a rain barrel is of course the money savings you acquire as a result. Having a rain barrel will most definitely reduce your water bill, in most cases up to around forty percent especially during the summer.

Reduce Pollution and Erosion

Rain although a great thing for the environment can also cause some serious damage to your land and soil in particular. Runoff from rainfall picks up soil along with pesticides and fertilizers, this is then transported to other areas of land and contaminates them, causing algae to grow and plants less likely to reproduce.

Conserve Water

One amazing thing about having a rain barrel is the benefits it provides for the environment, so not only are you helping your personal interests but also doing better for the state of our environment. Having a rain barrel means you have your very own source of stored water that can be used when and where you want it. This gives you the ability to save and preserve the water that is a precious resource for the environment and all its inhabitants.

Make Your Own Rain Barrels

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The great thing about rain barrels is that you can make them yourself meaning they are very cost-effective too! All you’ll need to start your easy rain barrel creation is

  • Plastic garbage bin (try to get the largest one possible, they run very cheap)
  • Hose bib
  • Clear silicone caulk
  • Cinder blocks
  • Caulk gun
  • Drill
  • Hose
  • Knife
  • Rubber o-ring

All of these products are relatively low in cost and may add up to a maximum of one hundred dollars which in the long run gives you a massive saving each month.

Now to put your rain barrel together you’ll need to follow these simple steps

  1. Drill 5 large holes in the center of the lid
  2. Use a thin netting to cover the holes in the part of the bin that faces the water
  3. Attach your hose bib to the outside of the bin as a way of releasing water when needed (you can use all the recommended tools for this process)
building your own rain barrel

These are the basic processes that need to be done to make your very own rain barrel, however, for a more diverse and wider range system, more holes can be installed as well as a special stand which can be made out of wood or any strong material of choice.

Non-Plastic Rain Barrel

If you’re looking to cut down on your plastic use too and are not particularly interested in consuming extra plastic for your rain barrel, don’t hesitate there are more eco-friendly and sustainable resources one can use to create their very own DIY rain barrel. You can, for example, use a wooden rain barrel, which does come at a higher price but saving for the environment, alternatively, steel-based drums are also an option but the type of climate you live in should be taken into consideration before purchasing.

As you can see making your very own rain barrel comes with some amazing benefits including environmental savings, water bill savings, and a sustainable way of living especially for the future. Think about this you will have a completely free source of water for all your gardening purposes, the washing of your cars, and the cleaning of any outdoor furniture and household appliances.

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