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chemical compounds found at home


It’s a mad concept to think that the things you choose to put into your home could actually be toxic and bad for your health but unfortunately, this is a reality and some have already suffered the consequences. It’s nothing to completely worry yourself over but it’s great to know what chemical compounds found at home could be toxic for you. If you spend a large amount of time at home like most of us have this year then this could be an essential thing to take a look at, some of these toxic items may be extremely small and often disregarded or not thought out to e toxic however the more we know and understand the better we can do for our overall health and wellness.


Chemicals found in the home can come from many different things from the materials of your furniture to cleaning products and even candles. One of the most common hidden toxins in your home is that of VOCs which stands for Volatile Organic Compounds, these are chemicals that vaporize extremely easily and thus are gas pollutants that enter the air of your homes. These types of chemicals can be found in a large variety of sources and most of these actually come from carpets. Almost half of all the VOCs known in the world are found in carpeting. These are often found in carpets and furniture that are new as well as in indoor paints, many wood products, cleaning products and fluids as well as air fresheners and bug repellents. High exposure to these chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, eye infections, asthma, and even visual issues. Exposure to these types of chemicals is relatively worrying to those who have underlying health conditions as well as to those of older age as they can often increase your risk of cancer, liver and kidney problems, and respiratory problems.


hidden toxins in your home

Some other environmental toxins in the home include


Pesticides are most commonly found in food sources, while this can easily go unnoticed they can be extremely dangerous for your health. These are most often found in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and meats as well as many pest sprays and lawn treatment products. With high exposure to pesticides, one may suffer some side effects including eye irritation, soreness of the nose and throat, nerve damage, and in severe cases an increased risk of cancer and kidney disease. Some ways you can minimize your exposure to pesticides is by buying organic produce, not wearing shoes in the home, and using natural products for best control and lawn upkeep.


Mold and fungus are some of the most common toxins that can be found in the home as they can easily go unnoticed and undetected. But saying this they are also one of the most dangerous types of toxins and in some cases can cause extremely severe health problems. These can be found in damp areas of the home as a result of leakage or extreme humidity, particles released from air vents such as air-conditioners as well as buildings that have been previously contaminated with mold or fungi. Being exposed to these toxins can result in a lower functioning immune system, constant flu, and irritation of the mucus membrane.


These chemicals are found in many household products as they allow fragrances and soft plastic to have a longer lifespan. When being exposed to these chemicals in areas with good ventilation the risk becomes extremely low, however, if these products are present in a place in your home that doesn’t provide sufficient ventilation they can become extremely dangerous to your health. They are most commonly found in plastic wrap, plastic bottles, cosmetics, smelling candles, and many plastic baby toys. These can be easily avoided by simply checking the labels of your store-bought products to ensure they are phthalate-free and PVC free too. If you have been exposed to such chemicals you might experience some side effects including developmental issues and hormone imbalances.

chemicals around the house

As you can see there are many different kinds of toxic chemicals that can be found in the home, however with the correct knowledge, one can easily make small changes in order to make a massive difference.

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