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While smoking cigarettes was once a non-health problematic habitat that almost everybody did without a second thought has now been extensively researched and many harmful effects have been discovered. Smoking effects on the environment have now been classed as a high contributor to pollution and especially air pollution. While for some this might be what seems like a necessary addition that only harms themselves in fact smoking air pollution is almost worse.


how does smoking affect the environment

There are a few reasons as to why smoking is harmful to the environment which mainly includes its contribution towards air pollution as well as the general pollution caused by its litter. Some environmental effects of cigarettes include


Smoking causes air pollution due to the toxins being released into the atmosphere. It is also said to be one of the most dangerous air pollutants for health and through research, they have discovered that the total air pollution emitted through smoking cigarettes is almost ten times more than that emitted by a single diesel-fueled car. Not only is air pollution caused by smoking cigarettes but also through the process of cigarette production where large volumes of toxins get released into the atmosphere through the manufacturing and shipping processes.


The cigarette butts that get left behind and often thrown on the floor are too a contributing factor towards environmental harm and pollution. Cigarette butts that you often see lying on the ground tend to also land up in our waterways, through rain and winds, and get washed by on the shores of our beaches causing harm to the aquatic fish and plant life.


environmental effects of cigarettes

Cigarette butts, filters, tips, packages, and wrappers all get dumped into what makes up the annual litter, however, these small waste products often make their way into streets, retail and suburbia areas, roads, beaches, and drains. Cigarette butts and products are not the most eco-friendly and while there is a chance for them to biodegrade it can take up to 9 months and can only happen under perfect circumstances due to the material of the filter.


Does smoking cause pollution?

Yes, smoking causes pollution in many forms, from the smoke that pollutes the air to the growing of Tabaco that pollutes the soil, to the waste that pollutes our lands and oceans, the effects of smoking contribute largely to our overall pollution.

Does smoking cause air pollution?

Yes, smoking causes pollution to the air we breathe, and while we may think it only harms the smoker itself, we choose to inflict on ourselves in fact it affects those around us too as second-hand smoking is extremely common and can cause severe breathing issues especially in young children.

Does smoking cause global warming?

In fact, while the toxins released into the atmosphere through smoking may cause pollution and harmful health effects its contribution towards global warming and climate change are non-existent as they are not the type of pollutants that cause damage to the ozone layer. The problem with smoking is the way its made, the growing process is what adds towards the state of our planet and global warming as the growing process is extremely demanding and takes up to 6 times more potassium out of the soil in order to develop fully leaving many areas of land eventually dead and unusable.

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