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How fast fashion destroys our planet

Apr.09.2020 307 view review
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It is hard to imagine how many items of clothing humanity buys every day. And almost no one thinks about the harm such consumption is causing to our planet.

But recent studies have shown which consequences are hiding behind the clothing market. It is commonly known that human desires and preferences are changing monthly if not daily. The fast fashion industry starts its fast-paced production when a new trend enters the market.

So it is not a surprise that producers and manufactures only pay attention to the volume and speed of production. Protection of the environment and human labor isn’t a priority for corporations.

Nature suffers from such an attitude. Monthly emissions of carbon dioxide from clothing production in the UK are nine hundred times higher than an around-the-world flight on a jet-plane according to a new study.

The clothing market is oversaturated with cheap clothing. Nobody expects that manufacturers of cheap clothing will take care of environmental safety. Toxins from bleaching, coloring, producing, packaging and transportation will reach the environment without any efforts to prevent such pollution.

Carbon footprint is another important nuance. Most of the cotton raw materials originate from South and North America and are transported to countries like India, Bangladesh, Turkey, and China for further clothing production. The manufactured clothing is loaded onto the vehicle and distributed all over the world. Such an irrational process leaves a huge carbon footprint. And most of these clothes end up in landfills after the first months of exploitation.

People who work in the clothing industry are often underpaid and their rights are violated. Overconsumption is one of the most serious problems we’re facing now. There’s no need to tell that humanity needs to reconsider its views about it.

People should buy less to reduce the harm that was done to our planet. Clever shopping and a minimalist way of life will be a few effective measures to save Earth’s resources and our future.

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