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How have humans changed the way of water storage on Earth?

Mar.04.2021 227 view review
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Recently, scientists have found the fingerprints of humans in freshwater. And although the sources of water that humans control accounts for a minimal part of the world’s rivers and lakes, it turned out that we control more than half of all changes in the water balance of Earth.

A group of scientists in their research used the latest modern technologies, which with the help of a laser discovered sources of freshwater around the world. Using the satellite, the researchers were able to observe lakes and ponds for a year and a half. As a result, they came to the conclusion that 57% of global changes in water supplies happen due to human control. Despite the fact that the water cycle is considered to be a natural process, it turned out that humans are now responsible for most of the variability of water supplies and can control and regulate the water cycle.

Before scientists launched this satellite, which was originally invented to observe ice sheets, it was difficult to understand how the water level changed over time. But now researchers can give an accurate estimate of the water level and, most importantly, understand how to improve it in the future.

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