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How Living On a Plastic Planet Affects Our Health?

Jun.09.2020 300 view review
abundance of plastic

We emit tremendous amounts of plastic waste into the environment. Vast lands, oceans, rivers, and water bodies are severely poisoned with plastic and other toxic materials. Though plastic doesn’t degrade once it appears in the environment, it decomposes into microscopic plastic particles which are called microplastic.

Most of these particles are invisible to the naked eye but some of them could be seen without a microscope. These tiny particles penetrate the soil, water masses, food, and living nature including people and animals.

living on the plastic planet

The harm which plastic particles can cause to us has been scientifically proved to leave no doubt about the threat level that the world is facing today. We need to know our enemy to develop effective and preventive measures to offset the threat to our health and our planet.

Microplastic particles enter our bodies

plastic pollution

Scientific research has found that microplastic particles enter our bodies with food and drinking water while ocean fishes and land animals accidentally swallow plastic particles with food and water.

Once produced and released into the environment plastic leaves small microplastic particles that will circulate the Earth’s ecosystem for thousands of years. Scientists have found that microplastic particles have reached the Antarctic waters which reveals the major scale of nature’s contamination.

It is not clearly certain how plastic particles can harm our organisms but several scientific researches were taken in order to study how plastic particles affect our health. Plastic is made of fossil fuels with the addition of numerous chemical substances that can violate the hormone balance and harm our endocrine system.

Different types of plastic can include pesticides, toxic metals, and dioxins

microplastic in nature

Plastic microparticles can attract microbe pathogens and penetrate the inner organs through the digestive system. There’s no need to make further analysis to find out how such intervention can harm our health and overall condition.

Plastic particles settle on the land surface and penetrate the water mostly as tire dust and through the sewage treatment facilities. Agricultural lands are being contaminated with plastic particles through the sewage systems which emit tremendous amounts of microplastic particles.

Rainwater consists of microplastic too. Rains drop around five tons of microplastic particles on Paris annually according to a recent study. More than four hundred thousand microplastic particles enter the fields of Europe and three hundred thousand of them contaminating North America’s soil.

how microplastic affects our health

There’s no certainty how plastic contamination will affect our health in the future and there’s some hope that our consumption habits will change for the better. Rejection from disposable plastic items and reducing plastic consumption can slightly improve the state of the environment but the damage that has been done should be repaired.

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