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Population of Lions in Africa: How Many Lions Are Left in Africa and Where?

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how many wild lions are left in africa

The Warning Information on Lions in Africa

The historical range of the lion was much wider than today: in the early Middle Ages the lion was found all over Africa, except for deserts and tropical forests, and it could also be seen in the Middle East, Iran, and even in some places in Southern Europe, for example, it lived in parts of modern southern Russia and in Greece. Within the next two decades, the number of lions in Africa may decrease by half.

According to researchers, the cause of the extinction of the wild lions in Africa is primarily due to human economic activity. Forest areas are rapidly shrinking, which leads to the narrowing of the necessary living space for wild animals.

How Many Lions Are Left in Africa?

wild lions in africa

Scientists have done a gigantic job. They compared the situation in 47 African regions over the last 25 years. As a result, it was found that in Asia and Africa the number of lions could be halved in twenty years.

The situation is roughly the same in East Africa. Lions have disappeared from their historic territorial range due to habitat loss. As well, lions in Africa endangered by hunting and poaching, punitive killing by livestock owners, loss of prey, and other factors. In the 1900s there were more than 200 thousand lions in Africa. Today there are only about 20,000 and lions are endangered in almost all African countries. The Union for Conservation of Nature, or simply the IUCN proposed their population estimation, which is more optimistic, but not that much: they estimate that there are between 25,000 and 40,000 populations of lions in Africa.

Where Does Lions Live in Africa?

The African lion is found in the following countries: Burkina Faso, Senegal, Nigeria that are in the Western part of Africa. The largest number of lions lives in Burkina Faso – about 850-1650 animals.

The Central African countries such as Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, and Zambia are countries of natural lion habitat in Africa. Together, the Western and Central parts are inhabited by 2000-3000 animals.

What part of Africa do lions live in, except the Central and Western parts? Moreover, lions are spread in the Eastern part, in counties such as Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Mozambique with Zimbabwe.

How many lions are left in South Africa and where? There are almost 3000 lions in the Southern part of Africa, 2200 in the Republic of South Africa, and in Namibia there are almost 800 lions.

The positive fact is that some countries try to prevent lion extinction. There are some examples in Namibia and South Africa, Botswana, and Zimbabwe. In these countries, the number of menacing beasts is increasing because they live in fenced-protected areas. For instance, the government of the Republic of South Africa created Kruger National Park. This park is considered to be one of the best national parks in Africa and the pride of South Africa. The lions park in South Africa and adjoining private reserves are home to most of the country’s wild lions. In almost all parks tourists can see the lions in their natural habitat and take some pictures of lions in Africa. But, because there are not many lions left, you will have to drive all day to see the lions.

Why Lions Are in Danger of Extinction?

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One of the main reasons why there is a massive decline in lion numbers is the loss of habitat. Most African countries are experiencing the process of development and thanks to that the population is increasing. This fact has forced most of these countries to convert some lions` natural habitats into agriculture zones. The increase of the African population and the development of agriculture has created a revival between humans and lions. Lions are trying to protect their territories, they attack livestock and even people. The amount of livestock that lions feed on is expensive and may ruin the economies of African countries.

Another reason is hunting. Why do people hunt lions in Africa? It is a way of earning money. In 2019, there was a case, when a farm in South Africa killed 54 lions in two days at the hands of humans. However, the number of lions killed in the country for various reasons is much higher. Every year South Africa officially sells almost 1000 lion skeletons. One of the largest licensed lion slaughterhouses, which supply huge quantities of animal bones for export, is the Libra-In-Bitze eco-farm.

Hundreds of majestic animals are killed each year by poachers. Why are lions poached in Africa? The reason is money, as poachers sell the bones, teeth, and claws.

Some animals are killed by wealthy hunters – they pay thousands of dollars to kill the animal and subsequently make a trophy out of it. Others are raised on special farms until they are killed to sell their bones for export, mostly to the East. There, the bones of lions and tigers are used in traditional medicine.

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