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how many trees are on the planet

Counting the number of trees in the world is almost like counting grains of sand on the beach there are billions. Nature and especially trees are the foundation of what our society is built upon. Trees are such an important aspect of living and breathing life forms, allowing us to breathe, creating shelter and homes for many animal species, and a part of how we build homes, create warmth, and the core of many inventions such as paper. Along with the number of trees on earth comes the number of different types of trees on earth, each one unique and each serving a different purpose.


So exactly how many trees are there in the world? well, the current calculation of the number of trees in the world is over three trillion, which means for every one human being in the world there are about 400 trees, completely dominating the entire human population on earth. However, even though this number seems incredibly high this number used to be double in size before the invention of the agricultural sector. Over half of how many trees are on the planet are found in tropical rainforests around the world.

Russia is the country that is home to the largest number of trees in the world, with a staggering 650 billion trees, next is Canada that contains around 318 billion trees largely due to t its protective movements to preserve nature, this is followed by Brazil largely due to the Amazon rainforest which has around 302 billion trees.


Are there more trees than stars? Well in a way yes there are more trees on earth than stars in the entire Milky way, this is an astonishingly high number that even scientists were baffled about. But trees are continuous, they mostly live for a long period of time and they reproduce very easily considering they have the correct conditions to do so.


Trees, the biggest plants in the world are vital to human existence on earth, they are what allow us to breathe in and out every single day. They give us oxygen and store the carbon dioxide released. They use the CO2 to fertilize the soil and create a stable base for thousands of plant species to grow and form with health and ease.

Trees are also the oldest living species on earth and in turn, are responsible for linking our history to our present and even to our future. Large masses of trees such as tropical rainforests are considered to be the heart of existence, they are what keep the planet flowing properly, keep the cycle alive and functioning well, and make sure that the connection between humans, land, and nature moves smoothly in the perfect way allowing the cycle of life to be a possibility.

Trees are also a very important aspect of what makes up our economy, not only have trees been the source for inventions like paper and wood but have also created many jobs and their resources have been an important part of trading especially within history.

Trees are also an important path of an urban lifestyle, think about the parks and large green landscapes those are all beneficial to the entire community, proven to make for a happier and healthier life, and as the world progresses trees and large natural settlements have become of higher value as we witness devastating losses to industrialization and the effects of global warming and climate change.

As you can see there are trillions of trees in the world but this number was once a lot larger and made up for most of the world we live in today and thus trees should be protected and respected as we need them, animals need them, plants need them and the world needs them to exist. so take the time to appreciate the trees and nature that surrounds you and stand up for their importance.

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