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Sea level rising is a way of tracking and calculating the way that the ocean has increased in its volume, this comes a consequence of global warming and climate change in which we witness ice sheets and glaciers melting as well as water thermal expansion which all add to the recorded amount of sea-level rise annually. recording sea level rise is also another way of recording the elevation and depth on Earth which changes as a result of the rising of sea levels. This rise has t be recorded for many reasons, some including its effect on coastal life threatened adaptation and loss of vulnerable cities. These records are put forward in an attempt to number one combat climate change and number two put in rules and regulations to reduce its effect.


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It is of no surprise that our sea levels are rising and that there have been some drastic increases in the sea rising over the past decade, but what about 2020? Our rising seas are not only of concern to scientists and researchers but have now become a risk to the human population as well as a large amount of the animal population too, which in turn all affect each other. The water level rising comes as a result of global warming and climate change which is largely a result of our actions and the way we behave in a non-sustainable and low eco-friendly way.


In 2020 it has been recorded that the overall rise of our sea levels has increased to a record-breaking 9.2 since the year 1880. These results come from NASA and the data they have been collecting since 1992 through the use of their satellites. Nasa has many various equipment and tools that have helped them track these increases over the last decade, including tide gauges and the review of rock formations which have all helped them totally the global average of sea-level rise. Overall the sea level is rising about 0.13 inches a year which rounds out to approximately 3.3 millimeters, which may sound very small to you but over time this steady increase could and has already caused some extremely harsh effects.


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Right now we are witnessing higher and higher rises in sea level with more drastic and devastating effects. The thing about rising sea levels is that even if it seems to only be happening in one continent, it affects every other continent too, this is because as one rises the other sinks in order to create balance, which in turn both create problems. Nasa is in charge of monitoring the sea level rise as well as creating accurate predictions for the future, for the event of emergencies as well as leading countries into finding the best solutions before the problems occur. Some of the harsh effects seen as a result of sea-level rise include

  • Erosion
  • Wetland flooding
  • Agricultural contamination
  • Water contamination
  • Loss of habitat for marine life especially fish
  • Loss of habitat for birds
  • Loss of habitat for plants
  • Increase in danger in natural disasters including hurricanes, typhoons, and tsunamis
  • Flooding across coastal regions in which many people may have to leave their towns and homes to find higher and safer ground
  • Internet access, yes believe it or not this too can be affected as a result of the rise in sea levels


sea level rise nasa

You may have heard people saying the sea level arent rising, is that fact or fiction?

Well, this in fact is not true, sea-level rise happens extremely slowly and in small increments and thus is not always one hundred percent visible to the eye, even though it is happening constantly and right in front of us. Ofocurse some areas and countries are less affected than others and thus the visibility of change will be lessened but it is important to bear in mind that it is still happening and that as long as it continues to happen the drastic consequences will continue to affect us, our lives, animals, plants and a large variety of habitats. What this really means is that sea levels aren’t rising at the same rate in every place in the world however overall the rise is happening and happening fast. The precautions to prevent a further and more drastic increase should be taken no matter what part of the world you live in because as stated previously one thing will always have an effect on the other.

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