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How Oslo, Norway Will Reduce Harmful Emissions by Ninety-Five Percent by 2030

Jun.21.2020 233 view review
reducing of CO2 emission

Very recently, the Norwegian capital city of Oslo was like other developing metropolises. Exhaust fumes, CO2 emissions, traffic, and deforestation made life in Oslo harmful for most people.

But recent infrastructure and urban development innovations made Oslo the greenest and environmentally-sustainable European city. Innovative urban development and eco-friendly direction of the city’s renovation brought Oslo its prize-winning status of European Green Capital of 2019.

The goal is to reduce harmful emissions

the harmful emission

City development direction is aimed to reduce harmful emissions by ninety-five percent by 2030 which will be enormous progress and there are no reasons why the plan wouldn’t succeed.

The city of Oslo already implemented a few ambitious projects such as the transformation of the city port into a high-tech complex which includes underwater tunnels, mass implementation of hybrid and electric cars and the use of eco-friendly materials during construction works.

Accommodation buildings are raised with the use of eco-friendly materials. Alternative energy sources are used during the construction works making the construction processes environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable.

CO2-neutral energy

CO2-neutral energy supply

Local electric power plants provide CO2-neutral energy supply while massive electric cars’ implementations displace internal combustion engine cars. Many restrictions were introduced in order to lower the cars’ share inside the city borders. Cycling and pedestrian zones are expanding making the city greener since personal transport was considered as the most responsible factor for CO2 emissions in Oslo.

All these innovations are greeted by citizens with great enthusiasm giving the hope that Oslo will reach its goal to reduce harmful emissions by ninety-five percent by 2030. There’s a lot of things to be done but one city with seven hundred thousand of the population can’t make a big difference from a global perspective. Nevertheless, Oslo can serve as a great example for other metropolises and global communities.

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