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How Our Diet Had Stopped the Evolution

Aug.06.2020 198 view review
nutrition habits and evolution

There are many theories about humans’ origins, who were our ancestors, and how it is possible that we’re only conscious creatures on this planet. Scientists have often tried to light up our past and predict our future and what’s the most important, understand our present.

But they always agree that our nutrition is one of the most important engines of evolution. It’s plain to see that humanity has evolved in accordance with nutrition habits.

First humans, our distant ancestors, had eaten roots, herbs, insects, and fruits for a long time, and «only» two million years ago they started eating meat. This happened because of the reduction in food resources. Proto-humans were forced to learn how to stalk the prey and how to use materials such as sticks, rocks, and bones to create innovative devices such as spears, bows, and axes.

This had led to the development of frontal lobes. As a result, our cognitive and memory functions have evolved rapidly, opening the way to new inventions and evolution.

Nutrition is one of the most important engines of evolution

food that we eat

Since then, humanity had reached previously unimagined heights in the terms of technological and scientific progress. But something had violated our evolution most harshly and roughly – it is our diet.

For millions of years, our microbiome was adapting to changing diet and nutrition. We inherited our microbiomes which consist of microbes and different microorganisms that provide proper digestion and metabolism. But our microbiomes are very vulnerable to nutrition changes. Rapid technological progress has affected our nutrition too.

Modern ration

how our ration affects ecology

Modern ration is abundant with semi-processed and refined foods that are historically atypical for humans. Since humans are used to eating meat, shellfishes, roots, berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, and other similar products, modern rationing has seriously interfered with the natural order of things.

Our digestive system is unaccustomed to grains, bread, potatoes, processed oils, processed meat products, dairy, legumes, and many other products. These products are ruining the microbiome of our ancestors. The human body can gain all health benefits from these products but their discrepancies have several negative consequences.

Since these products are unfamiliar to our microbiome, we can’t receive and absorb all nutrients and microelements. In fact, they weigh heavily on our digestive system and organism in general, forcing our body to spend way more energy on digestion and absorbance than it should spend.

For example, accustomed foods such as meat of undomesticated animals, berries, fruits, nuts, roots, and seeds bring us a lot more health benefits than others. And you can ensure yourself if you will look at the hottest trends of healthy nutrition: superfoods and diets recommend to regularly eat such products as blueberry, chia, and linseeds, almonds, chestnuts, salmon, tuna, and others. That’s because we are designed to eat them and our digestive systems are accustomed to them.

Human evolution and nutrition

lands cultivation

Rapid population growth and a settled way of life had nudged humans to cultivate the land, breed domesticated animals, and grow crops. But since the modern diet is unsuitable for our bodies, the question arises – how the modern diet affects our evolution?

Human evolution comprises tens of thousands of years of continuous customization and adaptation to external conditions. And such a rapid transition to the diet that includes all these modern and unusual human organism products obviously violates all natural processes, to which we are used. Also, nutrition affects genetics. A bad and poor ratio leads to weak and morbid offspring.

nutrition habits of antient people

Paleo-diet is a term that defines the nutritional habits and ration features of our ancestors. Human organisms can’t adapt to new diets very fast. The evolution of nutrition is a process that takes tens of thousands of years but there was no food evolution when it comes to the modern diet.

The transition from paleo-diet to the modern diet that includes processed and semi-finished foods, sweets, junk food, fried foods, bakery, etc. left no time for natural and progressive adaptation. It cannot be said that humans stopped evolving but such a fast transition puts human organisms under big stress leaving no time for adaptation and customization.

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