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How squirrels from cities react to humans?

Apr.02.2021 149 view review

Despite the fact, city areas have buildings, cars, fewer plants, and obviously more people. Despite all these circumstances, some wild animals, such as the Eurasian red squirrel, have decided to live in urban conditions. Urban wildlife data records higher behavioral adaptability and developed an ability to solve new problems. However, it remains unclear what aspects of the urban environment affect the productivity of animals.

A recent study, held by a team of scientists from Hokkaido University, discovered a new problem of searching for food among red squirrels in 11 city areas in Hokkaido. Seventy-one squirrels in 11 city areas tried to solve the problem of getting food, and 53.5% of them managed to solve it. A group of researchers discovered that their achievement declined in areas with more people and buildings. However, for those who repeatedly solved the problem, the time to solve them decreased over time, especially where there were more people.

“Human interruption, has caused some squirrels to fail and others to better handle new challenges”- the authors of the article explain. A probable reason is that even those squirrels who live in cities still recognize people as threats. However, they behave differently: the successful ones quickly deployed the solution, while others simply gave up to avoid the human approach. 

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