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How to be Stylish And Eco-friendly At The Same Time

Jul.24.2020 292 view review
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Population growth and its needs are accelerating at a much higher rate than the Earth’s resources are being replenished. Have you ever wondered how many clothes you purchase each year or how many of them you actually wear and for how long you use them? Have you ever wondered how many resources have been spent on their design, manufacturing, transportation, selling, and how much more resources will be spent on recycling? How many animals have been killed for fashion?

In this article, we will share advice on how to do less harm to the Earth’s ecology without damaging your appearance.

Buy clothes from organic and natural materials

organic natural materials

By doing so, you increase the demand for natural materials, thus stimulating producers to increase the production of natural and eco-friendly materials. Organic fabrics such as cotton, bamboo, flax, etc. are grown without the use of pesticides and are dyed with safe dyes. They are always marked with an Organic label. But very often there is absolutely nothing behind such a tag and it is only a marketing move. Do not hesitate to check with the seller the origin of the fabrics and what substances were used (especially if you are allergic or you decided to buy new clothes for children) before the purchase to check information about the manufacturer.

Many companies try to move towards sustainable fashion that is aimed at environmentally-friendly and eco-sustainable production. In the fashion industry, many eco-friendly brands and renowned designers are also focusing on organic materials and waste reduction during production.

Buy only high-quality clothes and wear them for longer

sustainable way of living

We are often guided by a certain decision during the purchase: it is better to buy more low-quality clothes than less of better quality. This principle often plays a bad joke on us and we end up having a lot of ragged and unpleasant eye clothes. By making such a decision we increase the amount of wastage, the negative environmental impact of production and transportation, and throw away extra money. Once we buy a quality product, we can forget about stores for a long time.

Low-quality clothes could be harmful to your health. Toxic and cheap colorings and dyes as well as other chemical compounds are dangerous both for the environment and human health.

Buy clothes from local producers

By supporting local producers you make the regional economy and small businesses grow, reduce emissions from transportation and logistics. Eco-fashion and green lifestyle are different sides of the same coin and affordable eco-friendly clothing from local producers could be your way out of the closed circle of irrational and harmful consumption.

Don’t buy clothes that are made from animal-based materials

Very often, people who maintain vegan and ecological lifestyles face a dilemma: should they buy clothes or an accessory that is made of leather or fur, or should they buy clothing that is made of synthetic materials, the production and disposal of which is extremely harmful to the environment. Everyone has the right to determine his or her own priorities. But our advice is not to buy leather or fur products. Animals go through terrible agony so that people can buy comfortable and beautiful clothing (which is often not practical at all). Modern technologies used by many brands and designers as well as the use of recycled materials allow creating high-quality and stylish substitutes for leather and fur without damaging the appearance and practical performance.

Do not buy too many new things

slow fashion concept

Even if you had enthusiastically fulfilled all previous points, your consumption habits can still be harmful to the environment. The effect of clothing production remains for many decades. The 70 chemical elements from clothing coloring cannot be extracted from the water and will remain there forever, causing enormous damage to the ecosystem. The land will still be depleted and CO2 emissions aren’t going away. The way out – you should minimize your shopping trips, buy only essentials, and give up impulsive (imposed by the marketing) purchases.

Eco-sustainable fashion world is ready to let you in. One thing you need to do is to reconsider your consumption pattern and keep the eye on what you buy and what you wear.

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