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What To Do With Used Cat Litter and How To Reduce Your Cats Carbon Footprint

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Having cats as pets is not only something that hundreds and thousands of families have but also a great way to enjoy the presence of a domesticated animal in one’s household. Having cats although a pretty easier pet to care for, also requires work in a multitude of areas, one of them being the cat litter. Disposing of cat litter outside, however, this can do and has done some serious harm towards our environment as well as the health of the large variety of living organisms and habitats within it. Learning how to dispose of cat litter the greenway is an essential part of taking ownership of these beautiful animals and giving them the happiest, healthy, and enjoyable lives possible. In this article, I am going to be showing exactly what to do with used cat litter and where to dispose of it in the most sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

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How to Dispose of Cat Litter

Most kitty owners already have their own way of disposing of their cat’s litter and often just choose the easiest and most convenient option which is either putting it into a plastic bag and then into the trash or simply dumping it into their bins, most of which are not the most ecological and do add some unnecessary harmful effects towards our environment and the health of our planet as a whole. So what to do with used kitty litter then? when it comes to kitty litter the biggest problem is where it will eventually land up and the amount of damage it will do. Kitty litter actually contains a multitude of toxic chemicals that are not great for our soil and the fertility of it too, meaning that when it can cause disruption to natural cycles and have some devastating effects on the growth and reproduction systems of our flora and fauna. One of the biggest problems when it comes to the cat litter is actually the materials used within it, most cat litter is made of clay which is already somewhere between 25 to 85 percent absorbent and is often identified as a layer within the topsoil that prevents plants from growing above ground. This clay mineral is obtained by a process known as strip mining which not only destroys the soil but habitats too and as well as this it pollutes water sources and adds negatively to ecological imbalances. 

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Can You Flush Kitty Litter Down the Toilet?

Many people think they are taking the smarter, more efficient, and more ecological approach when they decide to flush their kitty litter down the toilet but in fact they are actually doing quite the opposite. So can you put cat litter in the toilet? well plain and simple the answer is no, while it may seem as though you are doing no harm in pulling down the lever and watching your car litter disappear with ease, it’s the aftereffects and what we cannot see that the most harm occurs. Firstly our sewage systems are designed for humans and humans discretion along, not of kitty liter and its contents. Water treatment facilities too cannot handle the influx of kitty litter and as a result, most of it ends up in our mainstream water sources such as rivers, lakes, and oceans which massively disrupts the natural ecosystems and habitats of our marine life. The truth is if you are flushing your kitty litter down the toilet your definitely not the only one taking this quick approach, but at the end of the day we all do still want happy breathing, and the thriving planet so we’ve got to make the effort to look further into how to dispose of cat litter properly.

The Best Way To Dispose of Cat Litter

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Now that you know a little bit more about the negative effects that dumping cat litter in the wrong places can have, let’s look a little bit further into the disposing of cat litter environmentally and ecologically.  Before you ask “can I dump cat litter in the woods ?” let’s have a look at some green solutions and why we choose them. When it comes to being the most eco-friendly with your cat litter, you do have some options, although limited to choose from that are most best suited to your household needs and preferences. Some of the greener solutions to the disposal of your cat litter include : 

  • Compost 

One way of how to dispose of cat litter without plastic bags is composting. Composting is a modern-day achievement that can almost turn any sort of household waste into an efficient solution to fertilize your garden. When it comes to kitty litter it’s not as simple as simply dumping your food scraps but with a little bit of effort and forward-thinking, we can achieve some great results. Firstly one thing to consider is avoiding having clay litter altogether as this is the most non environmentally friendly resource to choose from and nowadays there are so many more green options teres basically no need for it. Most other kitty litter, apart from clay that is breakdown beautifully into the earth’s surface. Composting your cats’ litter, however, does take some concentration and is not nearly as fast and easy as say flushing it down the toilet but the effects of the environment are well worth it all. Simply separate the cat’s droppings from the litter and gently distribute the litter on your soil or dedicated patches of land to help your fruits, vegetables, flowers, and plants grow.

  • Put it in a biodegradable container 

Dumping cat litter outside or putting it into a container that then goes into the bins is another solution but again a solution that requires effort and the exact right products and materials. Firstly putting plastic bags in the bin is a no-no and ensuring that you have a bioplastic or biodegradable option is a must ( for any household in general ) as this means that not only will the contents of your bag decompose but the bag itself too. For this, you’ll simply need to scoop your kitty litter into your eco-friendly bag of choice and toss it into your garbage.

Is Kitty Litter Biodegradable?

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So does cat litter decompose, is cat litter recyclable and what can we expect to happen to it over time? When it comes to the environmental impact of your little furry friend these are important questions that are asked and thus need to be answered. With the new global effort to reduces everyone’s carbon footprint its become even more important to be aware of your contribution and how you are contributing. The best suggestion I can give you when it comes to starting your more ecological approach to having a cat is to ditch the clay litter, pretend they don’t exist or it isn’t an option for you, but this is truly where most of the harm comes in. Lucky for us we can avoid it and avoid it easily by choosing from a variety of different more sustainable and natural options to cat litter. Some of these sustainable solutions include : 

  • Grass seed 

Grass seed is great and one of the widest alternatives to clay litters used in the world, it is readily available for purchase and controls the odors fairly well. It also does cause a lot of clumping which is a big bonus when it comes to scooping it up for a fresh spread.

  • Newspaper 

Newspaper is a really popular kitty litter and has been around for ages. Not only is it efficient at doing its job but it is also inexpensive and extremely assessable to almost every individual.

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  • Coconut 

Quite a new trend to come into the market for cat owners and lovers is coconut, a delicious plant-based treat but also a great odor absorbent solution for your kitty litter, coconut might just be the one for your and your best furry friend.

  • Wheat 

One of the most highly rated solutions is that of wheat. Nowadays you can buy premade wheat-based kitty litter that is made from renewable wheat, an easy, effective, and environmentally solution to treating your cats’ litter and carbon footprint. 

One important thing to note when it comes to choosing the best kitty litter and greener alternative for your cat is that it is going to take a bit of trial and error, just like humans every cat is different and likes or dislikes different things and as much as it is important to be as environmentally friendly as possible it is too important to ensure that your cat is the healthiest and happiest it can possibly be and a lot of this has to do with the way you treat it and the materials it enjoys within its personal surroundings.

The Eco-Friendly Cat Litter Disposal ConclusionFrom this not only have you learned what dissolves clumping cat litter, what the greenest and environmentally solutions to disposing of cat litter are, and how you can go about decreasing your pets carbon footprint but also that there are many different solutions to burn cat litter and rid of it in a way that is beneficial to your cat as well as towards our environment as a whole. In doing so you can now also see how important it is to pay close attention t the small details and to treat your cats as individuals.

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