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how can we protect the amazon rainforest

The amazon rainforest is one of if not the most important tropical rainforests on our planet as it provides hundreds of thousands of resources and is home to a massive variety of tree and animal species who inhabit the Amazon rainforest. However due to global warming, climate change, and human destruction the amazon rainforest is under threat, and what remains needs to be saved and protected in order to secure a healthy future for our planet. Saving the amazon rainforest has become a top priority for many scientists and researches and some ideas on how to protect the Amazon rainforest have already been established. Brazil has already enforced some rules and guidelines to protect its natural Greenlands by restricting certain areas from being used as agriculture and intensive logging areas. They have also installed a cattle suit restraining framers from cattle ranching and destroying much-needed crops. They have also installed satellite monitoring systems to monitor places of deforestation as well as signed a political will to established restrictions in protected areas.


why should we save the amazon rainforest

In order to save the amazon rainforest and truly make a difference to the harsh, affects its already faced, the work should all start at home with your behavior and actions. Some things you could do to help the saving of the amazon rainforest include

  • Reduce your paper and wood consumption- Companies producing paper and wood are cutting down extremely large amounts of trees each year to meet the demand of those purchasing office paper, furniture, toilet paper, and outdoor furniture, and thus the higher the demand the more they take from the amazon. Finding more eco-friendly and alternative options for these products will help to decrease the overall demand and lessen the impact on amazon.
  • Reduce your oil consumption-The Buring of fossil fuels oil, gas, and coal is one of the main causes of climate change which eventually leads up to devastating effects on amazon. we need to reduce our use of oil in order to reverse or decrease the annual rise in climate change. By reducing your own oil and gas consumption you can help decrease the impact on amazon. Opting for an electric battery-powered car or taking other forms of transportation such as biking is a great way to reduce your personal consumption and impact.
saving the amazon rainforest
  • Limit your consumption of beef- Beef is being exported from the cattle of the amazon rainforest at an alarming rate and as this demand increasing the cattle decreases meaning that the amazon does not have enough to withstand itself. Cattle play an important part in the entire ecosystem of the amazon and thus our demand cannot be higher then what is available in turn we are taking more then what can e provided to us, leaving plant species and many other animal species without food to continue the perfect cycle in which the amazon needs to thrive.
  • Invest in rainforest communities- Nowadays there are many organizations and communities who are doing everything they can to protect and save the amazon rainforest on a higher scale. By investing in these communities you can give them the ability to perform their job with more effect. “Protect-an-Acre” is an organization that fights against fuel departments, the agricultural sector, and businesses affect the amazon rain forest in a negative manner and by donating helps them to increase their ability to restrict these behaviors.
  • Product choice- When shopping for all your necessities try to pick products that are sustainable and eco-friendly, there are hundreds of these, and the more they get invested in the larger they will grow with the hopes that they will take over the existing companies who have damaging effects on the amazon rainforest.
how to save the amazon rainforest facts

As you can see there are ways you can help to protect and save the amazon rainforest and don’t forget every little bit counts.

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