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diy energy efficient windows


Looking for how to make single-pane windows more efficient but don’t want to replace your old windows altogether? Don’t worry I’ve got you covered and will be showing you exactly how to improve window insulation to make your house more eco-friendly, sustainable, and efficient in providing all the warmth you require throughout your household. Windows although a shutter that closes the outside from the inside are not particularly the most efficient source of keeping the cold out, in many homes especially the larger type drafts enter your home from the sides of your windows, often creating a slight breeze or draft which can most definitely be quite uncomfortable during the winter months. Nowadays windows can be installed that are completely insulated meaning they keep all cold air out and actually help to make your home warmer, you can have this too but without replacing your windows altogether, and here is how.


single pane windows insulation

Insulating single pane windows in winter will become a lot more approachable and easier to handle. Installing insulated windows will also help lower the energy costs that you would normally use when you crank up the heating on those chilly winter evenings. Here are some DIY energy-efficient windows ideas


Curtains for a window or similar to what a blanket is for use, it’s a cover that traps in warmth and stops cold air from entering. Simply installing curtains to cover your windows can decrease your overall heat loss by around twenty-five percent. Curtains are easy to hang up yourself and can be quite a great asset to the presentation of your home, ideally getting curtains that can be drawn to either side is most ideal especially for when the hotter months arrive. Thermal curtains are also a great idea especially if you are living in a country that suffers from extremely low temperatures during the winter, these will be extremely beneficial towards keeping you and your house warm and your energy bill low.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades work absolutely wonders for insulating your windows, they are specifically designed for this exact purpose and are actually built with honeycomb-type shapes witch create a multitude of layers that allows air to be trapped between the folds. They have been proven to dramatically decrease your overall heat loss by around forty percent which is more than ideal for a warm cozy home feel.

insulating single pane windows winter

Rubber Weather Sealant

A bit different from hanging curtains or shade, rubber weather sealant is more of a stick and go solution. The main job of rubber weather sealant is to block the minuscule gaps between the window pane and your surface, in turn trapping air from entering inside your home. The sealant is very sticky and sticks perfectly to the frame of your window, however, bear in mind that the will not allow you to open your window until it is removed.

Draft Snake

Before you get put off by the name, a draft snake is not nearly as complicated and scary as it might seem. This little DIY tool is pretty simple yet extremely effective in helping the insulation of your windows. It goes right at the base of your window to block the gap and stops the cool air from entering. They are quite a heavy piece of material that is long and small in width and can be bought at almost any home goods store too. Alternatively, they can also be very simply and effectively be made at home, all you’ll need is a sock, dry rice, a pillowcase, and a cuff or any material which can be used for tying.

how to improve window insulation

As you can see there are many different ways that one can insulate their old windows without having to replace them altogether. Not only are these DIY tools efficient but also affordable and simple, so there’s no need to break the bank for a bit of extra warmth this winter season.

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