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How to live a zero-waste life by making smarter buying decisions?

Apr.09.2021 184 view review
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Sometimes we obsess over the idea of ​​literally zero waste while the goal is to make smarter buying decisions. So, what strategies can you use?

  • Use the resources you have

Choose the supermarket that you have nearby and take it as the main source of food. And when choosing a product, try to estimate the entire package. For example, compare how one brand packs its food in another. And then decide what to buy based on price, origin, and ingredients it consists of. Choose a paper bag instead of a plastic one, or shop with a fabric net bag.

  • Bulk is always better

When using plastic wrap is unavoidable, it’s best to buy the largest bag, box, or container of anything you want. It can be nuts, seeds, beans, various spices and seasonings, cereals.

  • Supplement the supermarket

Try buying fruits like apples from farms. In winter, you can store them in boxes in the basement and you will have supplies for several months. And this will cost less than if you bought such organic products in the supermarket.

  • Use online orders sometimes

Publish orders online for example once a month. They will be shipped right to your door and no extra driving costs will be involved from your side. This will also save you time.

  • Waste comes in many forms

Remember, waste is not limited to packaging. Food can be wasted and is, in fact, a major source of greenhouse gas emissions. Anyone worried about reducing personal waste should focus on assuring that food is not thrown away unnecessarily at home. You can try buying products that have almost expired in supermarkets, sometimes they even offer a discount on this. Check the refrigerator carefully for food leftovers. Store food in clear containers so you can see what is in there.

It is essential that environmentally friendly behaviors will be enjoyable for people to continue to adhere to. Think more of “low waste.” Make small changes where you can, and over time you will find that a little effort makes a lot of difference.

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