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How to Make an Eco-Friendly Air-Freshener

Jul.08.2020 193 view review
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People use air-fresheners for different reasons. You may want to get rid of the nasty smell in your room or to fill your apartment with a pleasant odor.

Usually, we buy factory-produced air-fresheners that fill our apartments with synthetic and artificial smells. Static air-fresheners or diffuser bottles come with different smells from vanilla and cinnamon to coffee and citruses.

But all fabric-produced air-fresheners carry a significant danger for your health and surroundings. Vast amounts of varied chemicals and active agents are present in every store-bought air-freshener. These substances can damage your mucous membrane, lungs, and brain.

Such air-fresheners will rather turn your home into a small version of a chemical shop than purify and refresh the air in your rooms. Handmade natural air-fresheners are a much better version of fabric-made air purifiers.

The recipe of Eco-Friendly Air-Freshener

You need only to prepare a freshening liquid that can be diffused or placed in a glass vessel with wooden sticks to make an aroma-diffuser.

You can prepare unlimited variations of such a liquid. Essential ingredients include one and a half cups of water, half a cup of vinegar, and a dozen drops of essential oil to your liking.

You can play with proportions to make the air-freshener liquid more or less concentrated. First mix water with vinegar then add essential oil and let a liquid rest.

The resultant mixture could be sprayed over the space or be placed in an aroma-diffuser. Empty glass vessels with a subtle neck and a few wooden sticks can replace fabric-produced aroma-diffuser.

Coffee, pine, lavender, and cinnamon essential oils have the strongest odors which make your apartment smell like a coffee shop or a forest grove.

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