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How to Make Your Cleaning Supplies Eco-Friendlier

Jun.01.2020 253 view review
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Our home needs regular cleanups and we spend a lot of time making our households clean and tidy. But we don’t think about the harm our cleanups may cause to the planet. And honestly saying, we don’t want to go deeper in our household routine to find a way to make our household routine eco-friendly and more environmentally sustainable.

We can replace some of our cleaning supplies with eco-friendly alternatives to minimize the harm to the environment. Regular cleaning supplies include many hazardous elements such as phosphates, acids, and aggressive cleaning agents. These chemical compounds can seriously harm your health and the environment in the long-term period. We pour dirty water in a sink after a cleanup and this water goes straight into the nearest river or a waste collector.

Several simple measures can be taken in order to reduce the damage and make your surrounding healthier and eco-friendly

make your house more eco-friendly
  • Replace your cleaning supplies with eco-friendly substitutes. You can make your own cleaning agents from vinegar, soda, dry soap, and lemon acid.
  • Disposable cleaning items such as sponges, microfiber rags, and liquid tanks are made of plastic and other non-degradable materials. You can find useful substitutes for them in the nearest store or in your own house.
  • Disposable rags could be replaced with old and worn-out clothes. An old T-Shirt or a pair of pants will serve you for months and can be washed for further usage.
  • Sponges can be replaced with eco-friendly and reusable alternatives with no exploitation limit. There’re many eco-friendly products that are made of caoutchouc and other biodegradable materials.
  • Liquid containers are made of plastic and are thrown away after use. Glass sprayers, bottles, and dispensers will prevent the emitting of hundreds of empty containers which will pollute the environment for centuries. Also, they look much more aesthetic and ritzy.

Nobody likes a battalion of empty and half-empty varied plastic containers under the sink. You can use one a few pleasant for the eyeglass vessels and dispensers instead. Your need for multiple containers will be gone if you will use only reusable liquid containers.

You can purchase cleaning agents in large and soft packages that can be recycled and fill your reusable containers endlessly. Such soft packages require much less plastic to be produced with minimized environmental harm in the case that they will be recycled.

eco-friendly style of living

These small measures will make your household routine much more pleasant and environmentally-friendly. Household cleaning agents and other domestic supplies silently kill our planet as well as numerous other man-made products. You can’t see the environmental impact of your household routine but such a «green» change will help our planet a lot.

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