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How to Make Your Own Rock Garden

Mar.20.2021 163 view review
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If you’re looking for a hobby or a task to pass the time, making your very own home rock garden may be just the thing you need to fill up your days. Not only is a natural rock garden very quaint and beautiful but it is a great way to make use of your outdoor or garden area space. Rock gardens are done in many different ways with tons of different designs, shapes, and sizes. Many people make an outdoor rock garden to create a place of tranquility and peace in and amongst their garden. I’ll be showing you exactly how to start a rock garden in your very own backyard so you can create a beautiful space too.

How to Do a Rock Garden

There are many elements of making a rock garden, you have the rocks, the flowers, and the decorations of course all of it comes down to your personal preference but following these rock garden steps will ensure you achieve a beautiful and stable space. One key element of creating your own rock garden patio is of course the rocks themselves. rocks just like plants and flowers come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so picking the right ones for your garden is the most essential part of beginning your rock garden journey. Making a rock garden is all about filling in the spaces in a small section or areas that create a smaller garden that is pleasing to the eye, neat, and beautiful to look at.

How to Arrange Rocks in a Garden

natural rock garden

One of the most important steps in creating your own rock garden is planning because a rock garden is quite precise the exact right size and elements should be bought in order to ensure that everything pieces together properly. Creating a rock garden also takes quite a bit of physical strength and gardening preparation so having all the correct tools is essentials in making sure your rock garden is as beautiful as possible. Your planning can simply be done by sketching a rough plan or idea so that you do not create any extra physical labor. Another key element about making your rock garden is deciding where you are going to put it. Most f the time rocks garden are created to cover problem areas in the garden, this can help you to decide whether to make a tiny rock garden or a large rock garden and in what particular shape you wish you arrange your rocks.

How to Decorate a Rock Garden

The key t planting a rock garden and making it look professional is all in the decorating, how you arrange your rocks, the exact size and color of your rocks along any other elements you choose to add into your rock garden is truly what makes it exceptional. Some of the basic tools you will need to begin your rock garden journey include

  • Plants
  • Stones
  • A trowel
  • A shovel
  • A tape measure
  • A wheelbarrow

Once you have established your ideas and have all your tools at hand you can begin your how-to rock gardens process.

How to Build the Best Rock Gardens

container rock garden
  • Clear a section of land- Step one in your rock garden-making process is to find the piece of land you want to use and create some space for it, this could mean shoveling up some excess soil, removing weeds or unnecessary plants, and identify either the type of soil or grass you will be working with. You can either create your rock garden straight onto flat soil or if you wish to create it on grass, your grass should either be incorporated into your design or removed.
  • Plot your design- Once you have found and cleared up the area of land you wish to use to create your rock garden. The best way to move forward with your rock garden is to plan exactly where you think you want to place your rocks, flowers, and plants.
  • Choose your rocks- The next step and one of the most fun steps is to choose the rocks you wish to use in your garden. Rock garden rocks range in color, size, and shape so picking the right ones for your space is essential. You can get your rocks from any garden shop or local landscaping store. You can also collect your own rocks from public parks, your garden, or surrounding areas.
  • Lay down the first layer- The first step in laying down your rocks is to outline the perimeter. Line your rocks along the outside of the area you wish to create your garden in order to make a clear outline in which you can fill in later, this will also help you to get a better idea of how much you need to fill in your space. You should use your biggest and most unattractive rocks for this area as it will make space look neater and less draw less attention to the rocks that are not perfect.
home rock garden
  • Add the soil- The next step in creating your rock garden is to lay down your soil, fill up the soil in between the outline of rocks you have created in the previous step so that you create a place that plants and flowers can grow easily. Once the soil has been poured into your garden simply step on to create a more flat and even layer.
  • Lay down the second layer- Now it’s time to lay the second layer of rocks in your garden. You can do this by either making smaller circles like the outline of the perimeter which will give you more of a circular rock garden or you can place them randomly or extremely close together to create a tiered rock garden effect. This part is completely up to you and to make it easier you can simply follow the design that you had planned ut previously.
  • Planting the plants- Now it’s time to take your rock garden to a whole new level. Adding plants and/or flowers is a great way to make your rock garden a part of your garden and not look as though it was there by accident. Flowers and plants can be inserted in between your rocks in the exact color scheme and sizes you wish. Also, make sure that you choose plants and flowers that will be able to thrive and grow in the location of your rock garden, so pay attention to the amount of sunlight, shade, and water that the area entails. The addition of various plants and flowers will really bring your rock garden together, and just remember to fill in all the spaces between the rocks and your various plant and flower picks to ensure your plot of land looks put together and solid as one area.
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And just like that, you have created your very own rock garden, the process does not take too much time and only requires some planning and creativity. Having a rock garden in your garden really takes it to a whole new level, making it look professional and more put together than most. Just remember there are so many rock garden designs that you can take inspiration off of that are readily available on the internet. Making your own rock garden is also a great way to get the whole family involved in the process and a time to have some fun during this outdoor activity. Your rock garden also does not need to be done in just one-day ad can be built and added to overtime.

tiny rock garden

Good luck with the creating of your beautiful rock garden! If it’s a container rock garden or a natural rock garden! It’s all about how to place rocks in the garden, and how to decorate around if there’s a natural rock garden. We believe that springtime is the perfect season for a rock garden, with all the flowers growing!

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