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How to Reduce Greenhouse Gases?

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reduce greenhouse gases

Humanity is stuck between two controversies right now. On one hand, our technological process had reached never expected highs and astonishing results, but on the other, our planet pays a lot for our ambitions and unregulated consumption.

As a result, the Earth suffers a tremendous crisis that affects all of its ecospheres and ecosystems. Humanity uses vast spaces of wildlands for animal farms and cropping, devastates oceans, cuts down the timber, and pollutes the atmosphere with extremely aggressive and dangerous gases and toxins.

As the result, we breathe in polluted and dangerous air and experience the first effects of Global Warming – a global process, caused by human activity that manifests itself in continuous global temperature growth.

CO2, greenhouse gases, and many other humanely-produced substances fill the atmosphere, heating the planet more and more. We used to think that CO2 is the root cause of Global Warming, but most people never heard that greenhouse gas heats up our planet dozens of times faster than CO2.

There’re many sources of greenhouse gas such as chemical factories, combustion facilities, heating systems, and farm animals (cows, sheep, horses, etc.). All these factors contribute greatly to the process of the planet’s heating. Annually we emit around thirty-six billion tons of CO2.

Since our planet is in the midst of a tremendous crisis, it is important to know how it is possible to reduce volumes of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Scientists had developed a few ways, of how we can improve the existing situation, not harming our ways of living:

Global Transition to Electric Cars

Fossil-fueled vehicles pollution

Fossil-fueled vehicles that imply internal combustion engines release significant numbers of toxic substances and CO2. Their usage significantly pollutes the environment and urban areas, poisoning the local population and polluting the atmosphere. They heat up our planet and fossil fuel excavation and oil production require enormous amounts of resources.

Electric cars are environmentally-friendly and their use helps to significantly reduce the number of greenhouse gases. Humanity runs tens of millions of cars every day and the global transition to electric cars would make a difference.

Tree Planting to Increase the Amount of Oxygen in the Atmosphere

damage to nature

Trees can absorb and process big numbers of CO2 and reduce the number of greenhouse gas in the atmosphere or at least, cool down the planet, reducing the negative effects of the greenhouse effect.

Scientists have calculated that humanity can plant more than nine billion hectares with trees, not damaging infrastructure and crops. Such a move will significantly improve the existing environmental situation as well as will neutralize all anthropogenic CO2 emissions.

But greenhouse gases couldn’t be absorbed by trees so humanity will need to find other ways also to defeat the current crisis. Greenhouse gases are dangerous and only a constant cooling of the planet and reduced emissions will help to change the situation for the better.

Emissions’ Reprocessing will Reduce the Amount of Harmful Substances in the Environment

the most polluted areas

Chemical factories, coal-fired power-plants, and heating systems release unimaginable amounts of greenhouse gases. But these emissions could be captured and used for the production of second-rate products such as foamed limestone and others.

Unfortunately, there’s no such technology that can catch and reprocess greenhouse gas emissions. But, some technologies are developing now, and maybe in the nearest future, humanity will find a way to prevent such extensive emissions.

Climate change is happening right now and we can act immediately since only now we have the opportunity to change the situation for the better. There’s no cure for Global Warming and there’s no one certain way of how to stop or reduce greenhouse gases that could be a panacea for us. The solution for the greenhouse effect will come eventually but now, we should take suggested steps to reduce the negative effects of our activity.

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