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Everything You Need To Know About Biodviserity Loss and Its Effect on Our Planet

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how to stop biodiversity loss

The loss of biodiversity we are currently facing on our planet causes some major threats to many aspects of nature and Earth as a whole, from our oceans to lands and even human health, solutions to stop the loss of biodiversity need to be put into place with immediate action if we have any changes of protecting and conserving the remainder of the species of our planet and overall nature of our volatile environment.

Biodiversity loss has been expedited due to the increasing industrialization of our societies, with our population increasing and technology taking over many of the natural processes we have begun to witness some of the major consequences of biodiversity loss and how it is, directly and indirectly, affecting us as humans as well as the animals, marine life and atmosphere within planet earth. In this article I’m going to be exampling to you exactly what biodiversity means, why it is occurring, the effects it is having within different aspects of our planet and most importantly what can be done to stop it from continuing on further.

What Does Biodiversity Mean?

Biodiversity basically refers to the variety of different species that are found on our planet, this includes everything from the tiniest of microorganisms to the largest of mammals and everything in-between. The diversity of these species is what gives life to our ecosystems and allows them to function in the perfect harmony that they do. Each of these ecosystems and the biodiversity found within them contribute to the well-being of mankind and the life on earth experience we have today. It is the foundation of the dynamic linkage between human life and nature and how one immediately and directly affects the other.

Why Is Biodiversity Important?

There are many reasons why biodiversity is important and loss of biodiversity examples that show the destruction it can cause. Biodiversity is not only important in an ecological sense, being the foundation of functioning life of earth but also for other reasons including :

  • The economy
  • Recreation
  • Culture
  • Scientific Research

Causes of Loss of Biodiversity

There are many contributors that have caused our irrational and threatening loss of biodiversity. The greatest cause of biodiversity loss is human activity which has contributed most to the impact of biodiversity loss we see today. Some other causes of biodiversity loss include :

  • Climate change
  • Pollution
  • Descrution of habitats
  • Overexploitation of the environment

How Does the Loss of Biodiversity Affect Humans?

what can we do to stop biodiversity loss

The loss of biodiversity on our planet has many repercussions and while we think it is mostly directed towards nature and animal life, in actual fact the lives of humans are extremely threatened too. Some example of how could the loss of biodiversity affect humans include :


The economy heavily relies on ecosystem services for the production and trading of their food products, without biodiversity this would decrease tremendously, and not only would the economy of almost all countries suffer but humans would eventually have to starve in parts of the planet where food is no longer accessible.


Believe it or not, a large amount of the medicine we use today comes directly from planet sources, without these sources medical production will not be able to occur, and thus many lives will be lost as a result.

Human Health

The number one effect of loss of biodiversity comes directly into the health of humans on our planet. Firstly without biodiversity our oceans, water streams, and lands will become severely polluted creating harmful diseases that could eventually be life-threatening, parasites will begin to infect us and most of our livelihoods will be lost.

What Can We Do To Stop Biodiversity Loss?

While understanding the meaning, causes, and effects of biodiversity loss is extremely important the only way to really deal with the problem is to begin to fix it. So what are some ways to stop biodiversity for lawmakers and how can the people in charge begin to make a difference in order to ensure that life on earth in the future remains livable and quality enriched?

How to Stop Biodiversity Loss

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To stop biodiversity a couple of things need to be put into place which includes:


Recycling which would be the most effective in slowing the loss of biodiversity is extremely important if we wish to maintain the variety of species we have. Recycling will help reduce non-biodegradable and harmful waste products that contribute to the killing of our environment.

Buy Sustainable Products

Sustainable products are often recyclable and are made with organic materials that pose little to no threat to nature.

Give Up the Car

Cars use a huge amount of fossil fuel causing a lot of pollution, try switching to a greener alternative such as an electric vehicle or bicycle.

Protect Local Habitats

The natural habitats around you, although more commonly smaller is just as important. You can protect these areas by supporting them and keeping them clean when possible.

Lose the Plastic

Plastic is one of the most harmful contributors to the loss of biodiversity, ditching plastic can help make a large difference.


Many communities offer a volunteer world which could include cleaning up local beaches and parks, signing petitions, and spreading the word, getting involved is a great idea if your thinking of saving the planet.

Loss of Biodiversity Facts

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Some more information regarding biodiversity loss include :

  • 80 percent of the earth original forests have been damaged or cleared
  • Over 12,000 species are threatened with extinction
  • One-third of the coral reefs in the world have already died
  • Humans and human activities are the greatest threat to the loss of biodiversity and its harmful effects.
  • Europe has the most threatened species
  • Global biodiversity loss has increased over the last 200 years

The Conclusion

As you can see from this article the impacts of biodiversity loss on oceans ecosystems services, human health, nature, and the environment have astronomical and life-threatening repercussions that need to be seen immediately. We have not only seen the causes and implications of biodiversity loss but also what people are doing to stop biodiversity loss and how human behavior and actions need to be changed if we have any chance of protecting and saving the remaining species of our planet. While we as individuals cannot save the entirety of the planet, starting small and with our own changes at home and in our local habitat will help to make a greater overall difference to the planet and its threats.

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