Green is CoolClimateHow will changes in ocean streams affect our climate?

How will changes in ocean streams affect our climate?

Mar.04.2021 229 view review

The latest research has proven that the main ocean streams on our planet have begun to slow down. Although it is said that the consequences aren’t expected soon and won’t be significant, nevertheless it will still affect the weather and the water level in the sea.

The fact is that the slowdown in the circulation of water in the ocean happened due to an increase in temperatures as a result of upcoming global warming. This was predicted by scientists who have been studying the climate for a long time. For several decades, they studied these problems, and by this time it became clear that this had already begun to happen. The Atlantic circulation transfers water across the planet’s oceans, including the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian oceans.

And if this Atlantic circulation completely stops existing, then in the future there is a possibility of strong cooling in the North Atlantic, Britain, Scandinavia, and especially Europe. The thing is that in this part of the ocean the Greenland ice sheets are located, which are now slowly melting. This leads to a rising in the sea level and a decrease in the circulation rate. Moreover, melting ice, together with frequent rains change not only the climate but also the density and salt content of the water- scientists say.

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