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Incredible and unique photos of the Milky Way

Mar.22.2021 141 view review
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The image that will be further talked, has been in progress since 2009. It has a total exposure of 1250 hours, covers 125 degrees of the sky and its size is 1.7 gigapixels. This realistic shot of the Milky Way, the galaxy we exist, was designed by an astrophotographer from Finland whose name is J-P Metsavainio.

So, why did it take over a decade to create the image, you may ask? The digital artist tells it is because of the size of the mosaic. Due to the fact the area of ​​the sky he shot is so large, most of it was photographed as separate shots and earlier posted as separate works of art.

Metsavainio also added that some space objects in the Milky Way needed more exposure than others because they seemed darker and harder to see. There are some unbelievable images of different astronomical objects in the Milky Way, including the California Nebula, the Pelican Nebula, and the Wizard Nebula.

It is unimaginable and pretty impressive that a photographer with the facilities and equipment available to most people was able to get such amazingly detailed photographs. Metsavainio also has a website where he shares unique images in larger general compositions.

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