Green is CoolTechnologyInnovative “Biosolar Leaves” Can Purify Air a Hundred Times More Effective Than Trees

Innovative “Biosolar Leaves” Can Purify Air a Hundred Times More Effective Than Trees

Jun.22.2020 414 view review
Biosolar Leaves

Air pollution and vast CO2 emissions are the most serious problems which big cities and our planet are facing. Climate Change threatens world society forcing scientists and environmentalists to find brand-new ways to change the current situation.

Scientists from Imperial College London decided to take the situation under control by themselves since the government does so little to improve the environmental situation.

Their innovative development can absorb CO2 a hundred times more effectively than trees. This device looks like solar panels with one significant difference. These panels which are called «Biosolar Leaf» consist of phytoplankton and microalgae.

BioSolar leaves absorb vast amounts of CO2 producing pure oxygen and plant proteins and don’t require any additional resources for full functioning. These panels don’t emit any toxic waste and are extremely easy to exploit.

BioSolar leaves could be placed at any surface such as roofs, walls, balconies, and others. One panel of three square meters can produce more oxygen than a hundred trees.

Roofs covered with these panels will release more oxygen than a whole forest. Such a device is extremely useful in conditions of a big city where there are no vast areas for trees’ planting and where CO2 pollution reaches maximum levels.

Scientists plan to proceed with full-scale implementation of BioSolar leaves if tests will be successful. They plan to install these innovative panels on the roofs of big buildings such as shopping malls, garages, warehouses, and office buildings.

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