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International Day of Biological Diversity: What We Had Lost and What We’re Going to Lose

May.22.2020 250 view review
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There’s no man-made system that can be compared with nature by its diversity, breadth, and multidimensional nature.

Nature is universal and extremely adapting but man managed to destroy its uniqueness and sustainability in a critically short period of time. Our planet evolved for billions of years before the first human walked on it.

Humanity exists only a few hours compared with the age of our planet and already caused the extinction of nine-tenths living species.

The 22nd of May is the International Day for Biological Diversity. This special day was established in 1993 in order to pay respects and remind about the importance of biological diversity and the importance of the role which all living species play together.

Any man-made system cannot properly function without any of its parts so what can be said about such a complicated and interrelated system as nature?

Nature consists of numerous historically formed niches each of which is integral and vitally important. But the current devastation of wild nature and oceans had caused the anthropogenic mass extinction of numerous living species.

Today’s agriculture sector specializes in growing certain plant species, ignoring the existence of others, and taking away their habitat areas. Entire species have disappeared and these numbers will grow with the agricultural land expansion.

Wild animals are extinct because of poachers, hunting, and reduction in the number of wildlife areas

Timbering, food crops growing and pastures establishing takes almost all land which is free from human settlements.

Oceans suffer the most. Fishermen and trawlers had devastated the ocean’s water by eighty percent. Trawls and fishing nets catch every kind of fish and living creature on their way devastating the ocean’s water masses.

Anthropogenic factors such as these call into question the very existence of biological diversity and scientists have already predicted the extinction of the wildlife in the coming decades.

Reconsidering your way of life will be the correct way to celebrate the International Day for Biological Diversity. We should think about what environmental impact our lifestyle has.

You may find that your carbon footprint is too high or that the food on your plate promoted the loss of biodiversity. Our life is the primary reason why our planet suffers so much and its recovery could be our choice only.

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