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Biological Diversity as the Diversity of Life in All Its Manifestations on Earth

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Biological diversity, or biodiversity, is all the diversity of life on the planet, which is rapidly diminishing today. Plants are dying out, animals and forests are disappearing from the face of the Earth … This is largely due to human activity. And concern about the future fate of biological diversity of species on planet Earth was expressed in the fact that at the UN Conference on Environment and Sustainable Development, held in 1992 in Rio de Janeiro, the entire world community was asked to first pay attention to the conservation of international day for biological diversity – both living species and ecological systems.

In this regard, the Convention on Biological Diversity was adopted, and today about 200 states are parties to it. The goals that the countries that have acceded to the Convention are striving for are obvious: the conservation of the biological diversity of living species and ecological systems, the sustainable use of components of biological diversity and the benefits from the use of genetic resources.

The International Day of Biodiversity is celebrated on May 22 and the main task of world biodiversity day is to draw public attention to the problem of irreversible disappearance of many representatives of flora and fauna on Earth.

May 22-International Day of Biodiversity – Problems of All Mankind

international day of biodiversity

On the international day of biodiversity and not only on this day we should remember that despite advances in technology, the world’s population depends on the health of ecosystems. The quality of the water we drink, the food we eat, and the air we breathe depend on maintaining the health of our nature.

Most of the decline in biological diversity is the result of human activity and poses a serious threat to economic development. Despite intense efforts over the past 20 years, biodiversity continues to decline due to factors such as habitat destruction, overexploitation of natural resources, water and soil pollution and the introduction of invasive alien species. It should be noted, however, that natural resources are the backbone of our life support system.

The protection and conservation of all genetic resources, species and ecosystems requires urgent and decisive action to ensure the sustainable use of biological resources.

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