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International Tiger Day : All Your World Tiger Day Questions Answered

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International Tiger Day

International tiger day is fast approaching us and there is a reason we are all gathering to celebrate the beautiful nature of these brilliant and intelligent wild animals. Just like all species in nature tigers play an extremely important role in the ecosystems that naturally interact with each other throughout the globe. But their importance is not the only reasons tigers get an entire day named after them.

Both awareness and education are needed in order to spread the news that tigers need our help to protect and preserve the remainder of their species. Vulnerability and conditions such as global warming and habitat destruction are posing plenty of threats on many of the tiger species leaving them endangered and in dire need of human help. Here is everything you need to know about world tiger day and why we celebrate it.

The History of International Tiger Day

Before we can begin to understand what international tiger day 2021 will entail let’s have a brief look into the history f how it came about in the first place. International tiger day was first founded in the year 2010 by an international summit called in response to news that left them shocked and that is that almost ninety-seven percent of the world’s tiger population had completely disappeared over the last century, leaving only around 3000 left alive throughout the globe.

As a result of the horror and shock, this news left they decided to form a day to bring awareness to the public on a large scale about the tiger population and how it was declining at such a rapid pace.

As tigers were on the brink of extinction panic arose and something had to be done and thus international tiger day was born in an attempt to bring awareness not only about their population decline but also about the factors that caused such a decline, including things such as habitat loss, climate change, hunting, and poaching that all need to be understood and addressed in order to even begin a conservatorship program.

Why Are Tigers in Danger?

Why Are Tigers in Danger?

There are many reasons as to why tiger day was created, firstly to raise awareness within a global setting about the tiger conservation status and to promote a system in which people can become fully invested and dedicated to protecting tigers as well as their natural habitats. There are a number of reasons as to why tigers are risking possible extinction in the first place which most commonly include poaching and illegal hunting, for trade and monetary reasons. This is all due to the black market demand for tiger bone, skin, and other body parts, a very sad but real institution that is continuing to happen on a day-to-day basis. Even though these acts are illegal the profit margin that tiger products are being sold for and add up to almost 10 million dollars. This is not the only reason tigers are disappearing, habitat loss is another massive contributor to the tiger species decline as is often caused due to the creation of access routes, human settlements, timber logging, plantations, and the agricultural sector.

International Tiger Day 2021 Theme

Each year as tiger day approaches organizes decide on one key theme or element that drives the many concern for tigers as per the past year. This year the inspiration for international tiger day comes from the quote “ Their survival is in our hands”. This slogan is not only powerful but very appropriate for our current circumstances. The truth is that tigers didn’t just begin to disappear on their own, their species declined the majority due to human behavior. We are the ones who have destroyed their habitats, lessened their access to food, and are indirectly responsible for their endangerment. Just like the reason tiger day was created in the first place this theme aims to direct awareness at humans throughout the world to not only show how the tiger species are suffering but also that their survival is in our hands and it is our responsibility to change our actions in order to preserve and protect the remainder of their population.

Celebrating International Tiger Day

Celebrating International Tiger Day

As tiger day is so important it is essential that we get on board with celebrating it too. In 2021, just like all previous years, international tiger day is celebrated at countries, cities, and towns throughout the world on the 29th of July you can join in on praising the world’s biggest and most intelligent cat species too. There is a multitude of different ways you can observe international tiger day which include :


One of the key elements of world tiger day’s existence is to teach people and to bring extra knowledge about these beautiful creatures into the public eye. One of the greatest and most influential things you can do to celebrate this day is to learn, to learn about the species and why they are so important, what makes them unique and how they are helpful towards humans’ existence on earth. Establish a personal connection for their reason for being on the planet and once you have understood and learned more educate others too. The goal is all about spreading the awareness and getting the information across to as many people as possible in order to really start making a difference.

Adopt a Tiger

No, adopting a tiger doesn’t mean you’re going to be having one roaming around your garden, it just means that there will be a specific tiger in the wild in switch you can personally support. WWF has organized and adopt a tiger program that is extremely helpful in finding the projects that they organize in order to protect the species and stop illegal activities such as poaching. Supporting the WWF can help them monitor tiger movement, create extra habitat and overall ensure that their survival rate in the wild increases.

Some more things you can do to observe international tiger day and support these animals in the wild are:

  • Raise funds for tigers by holding charity events and small gatherings
  • Take to social media and use the hashtag #TigerDay to help spread awareness about the species population decline to as many people as humanly possible
  • Sign Petitions – There are many petitions circling around over this period of time that aim to reduce tiger poaching and illegal hunting or develop further research in preservation methods for tigers, make sure you get on board and support a growing movement.

The Bottom Line

As you can see international tiger day holds a lot of importance within the world we live in, it’s a chance for humans to come together and not only celebrate but also bring awareness to the fact that there are species within our world that are declining, threatened and left in vulnerable positions as a result of our own actions and behaviors. It is important that this day is highlighted just like any other and is shared and spread to as many people as possible and all it takes is a little knowledge and time, and you can get involved too.

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